Mother Earth’s Messages, Future Vision & Angelic Teachings

Nadine will speak of her second message from the light she received at age 15. She was sent to a future life to view how destructive global warming will become. This year she’s had the pleasure of communicating with the beautiful ethereal being that Mother Earth truly is. She’ll offer hope in how to change our path to heal Mother Earth, and therefore ourselves, and relay direct messages and premonitions from our eternal Mother. Nadine will also explain angelic teachings on how to manifest, about free will, how contracts work, and how nothing is set in stone.

Mother Earth’s Messages, Future Vision & Angelic Teachings
11/27/2021, 5:30 PM EST

Throughout her youth Nadine had multiple angel visitations, saw past lives, had a shared NDE, was shown how we can attain world peace, and later had a NDE at age 24. She then experienced a difficult time being judged or disbelieved by others, and shut down. After 16 years of silence, she had a profound spiritual reawakening. This led to astral travels to various realms, communications with angels, the deceased, and God, releasing trauma, and working with light elements, amongst other experiences.

Nadine will be speaking of her second message from the light. At age of 15 she was sent to a future life to be shown a degrading state of Mother Earth, and how destructive global warming and natural disasters will become. This year she also had the pleasure of communicating directly with the beautiful ethereal being that Mother Earth truly is.

She’ll offer hope in how to change our path to heal Mother Earth, and therefore ourselves, by various means. She’ll also relay direct messages from our eternal Mother for humanity, accurate predictions from her, and some incredible or heart felt interactions with her. Finally Nadine will explain lessons from angels on how to manifest, how powerful our minds really are, about free will, how contracts work, and how nothing is set in stone.

This year is the first time Nadine’s been called to reveal all her experiences of the light, to offer messages of love, hope, and connection to others. She feels blessed to be able to do so through her new soul family of IANDS.

More Than An Introduction to A Course In Miracles Info Session

The Course in Miracles conveys a profound message of love, healing, and inner peace through extending miracles, which is its central teaching. The curriculum promises that we all will remember and experience the pinnacle of the spiritual journey – perfect union with one another and with God in a holy relationship, abiding in an eternal Heaven of pure love and everlasting peace.

More Than An Introduction to A Course In Miracles Info Session
Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 7 pm EST

Learn about A Course In Miracles, and about Debra, our new ACIM Certified group leader.

Debra is Certified to teach the course, ‘More Than An Introduction to A Course in Miracles’. In addition, she is also a Certified Study Group leader of A Course in Miracles Complete and Annotated Edition (CE) Text. Both are via the Circle of Atonement.

This will be an informational session intended to introduce you to the Course. It is meant to help people who are interested in ACIM decide whether they want to take the 8 week ‘More Than An Introduction to A Course in Miracles’ course and/or join a 12-18 month study group. Further details will be outlined in the info session.

Decades after Debra’s ‘NDE’, as outlined in her bio, a book came across her path, entitled A Course in Miracles. Immediately it read like poetry, re-sparking her mind and heart, the words alive and vibrant with meaning, describing and enlivening the still vivid memory of her ‘NDE’. There are countless passages interwoven throughout the Course reminiscent of spiritually transformative experiences, awakening to our true nature, outlining the pathway, weaving an exquisite tapestry of love that could only be divinely orchestrated.

A Course in Miracles is a path of spiritual development that takes the form of an educational course teaching us how to live in and engage with the world in a way that is aligned with Spirit.
It conveys a profound message of love, healing, and inner peace through forgiveness, and aims to lead you on a transformational journey of “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance.” (CE-In.1:7)

Debra is committed to joining with others in the divine undoing of guilt and fear held in the ego-mind of death, and via forgiveness and love, to re-remember and join with others in the miracles that surround us in every moment.


ACIM resources to support you on our journey together:



About Debra:

From the moment of Debra’s first ‘NDE’ in a hospital room as an early adolescent, she became aware and remembered that our innate eternal self never dies.
The memory was revealed within a divine benevolent, omnipresent, omniscient light of profound unconditional love that enveloped and merged with her own essence in wholeness and unity.
This sacred holy instant initiated a remembrance of her true nature. In that heavenly realm where only joy and love reside, she was truly alive. This experience felt to be more of a near-life experience, far beyond the ego’s worldly dream of death.
Having the body reanimated by the medical team, felt to be an unpleasant recycle back into a state of sleep-death in contrast to the expansive effulgent vibrantly alive love that was inherent within the ultimate true reality.
Debra returned to the worldly body with a purpose to remember and embody this love and thereby share this gift of grace throughout her daily interactions with others.

She has served as an interfaith hospice & bereavement counselor volunteer
Debra currently works in film & television where she has the opportunity to play a variety of roles within this illusory dream role we call life.
She is the mother of three young adults.
Debra is also in the process of writing her first book.

Read Debra’s written NDE, entitled A Gift of Grace, on the following links:

Circle of Atonement:

Listen as Lee Witting reads Debra’s A Gift of Grace account on his IANDS NDE Radio Show:

New Heaven New Earth:


Special Event: “Living with Ghosts” Producers Panel

You are invited to watch a FREE private screening of the new documentary film, LIVING WITH GHOSTS, a 7-time award winner. In addition, RSVP for a live panel consisting of the films’ writer / director / producer, Steve Berkley, and key film participants, licensed grief therapist, Graham Maxey, and IANDS President, Jan Holden, project organizer for a key new grief therapy highlighted in the film.

IANDS Special Events presents a free private screening of the 7-time award-winning documentary film, Living with Ghosts, and you are invited to be at a free Live Producers Panel with audience Q&A to be held:
Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 6:00 pm Pacific (9:00 pm Eastern)

You are invited to view at your convenience this FREE private screening of LIVING WITH GHOSTS, available to watch now! (Note: a donation is requested but $0.00 is okay.)

Click here to watch the film when ready… – but first RSVP from this page for the free live panel featuring panelists: writer / director / producer, Stephen Berkley; licensed grief therapist, Graham Maxey, MA, LPC; and Janice Holden, EdD, LPC-S, organizer of the IADC study, also serving as the panel’s moderator.

See biographies for each panelist at the bottom of this page.

(Note: there is no cost or donation requested for this panel, but you need to complete the RSVP checkout to receive the link to join the panel live and/or to later watch its recording.)

Come to the panel live and submit your Comments and Questions and hear the panel’s Responses. The panel will be recorded but only RSVP registrants will have free access to the recording after the event.)

This film provides a broad based review of alternative viewpoints on the topic of after-death communications following the loss of a significant loved one or acquaintance. There is a new therapy technique highlighted in the film known as Induced After-Death Communication or IADC.

IADC has been shown to provide nearly complete relief of the trauma associated with deep grief in over 70 percent of the therapy’s patrons by IADC pioneer, Dr. Alan Botkin. This benefit claim was demonstrated in the prominent study of IADC organized by Dr. Janice Holden, EdD, LPC-S at the University of North Texas. Graham Maxey, MA, LPC, a grief / trauma specialist demonstrates his role in conducting this technique for a study participant, recorded for the film.

I am happy to report that the film was so well-received that the IANDS Board of Directors decided to support filmmaker Stephen Berkley in broadening his audience… IANDS President, Janice Holden, EdD, LPC-S.

Panelist Biographies:

PANELIST: Stephen Berkley, JD

Stephen Berkley is a documentary writer, director for independent films and copyright lawyer in New York.  Although over the past thirty years Stephen has penned a few television scripts and could always be found working somewhere inside the entertainment/media industry. His newest film Living With Ghosts, is his first feature film and has been selected to be viewed at many prestigious film festivals and features Amit Goswami, David Hufford, Paul Selig, Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, Dr. Jan Holden, and Graham Maxey. The idea came only after Stephen’s father died and his mother began experiencing interaction with his dad’s ghost — a real-life Mrs. Muir situation. Which naturally begs the question: Are ghosts a real phenomenon or are they merely symptomatic of profound grief?  Living With Ghosts is the culmination of a seven-year investigation into the nature of love, loss, and ghosts and features three survivors on their quest for answers.

Moderator: Jan Holden, EdD, LPC-S, ACMHP

After 31 years on the University of North Texas (UNT) Counseling Program faculty, Jan Holden retired in 2019 as Professor Emerita of Counseling. Beginning in 1988 with her doctoral dissertation, her primary research focus has been counseling implications of near-death and related experiences. In this research area she has over 50 refereed journal publications and over 100 national and international presentations and has received numerous awards and honors. Since 2008 she has served as editor-in-chief of the International Association for Near-Death Studies’s scholarly Journal of Near-Death Studies, and she serves currently as that association’s President. Her website is

Panelist: Graham Allan Maxey, MDiv, MA, LPC

Graham Maxey has been the Clinical Director for Induced After Death Communication therapy since 2011, and an IADC therapist since 2006. In 2015 he trained all the therapists who took part in the University of North Texas comparative outcome study of IADC therapy featured in Walking With Ghosts. He has trained therapists in the technique at the Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg, Germany in 2011 and 2012, and in conjunction with the Institute of Noetic Science at the University of Turin, Italy in 2015.

Since 1999 he and his wife, Shannon Maxey, a psychic medium, have worked collaboratively through their counseling and consulting practice in Arlington, Texas, Inquire Within Counseling & Development Center. 

Mr. Maxey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Christian University, a Master of Divinity degree from Brite Divinity School at TCU specializing in Pastoral Counseling, and a Master of Arts degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Houston / Clear Lake City specializing in Family Therapy. He obtained his LPC license in Texas in 1983.

Healing Grief with the Spirit World w/Jennifer Farmer

Your loved ones on the other side want to help you heal from grief, regrets and depression. Be comforted by them and transform feelings of loss, sadness into peace. Join the workshop for an inspiring discussion, guided healing grief meditation and more. November 20, 2021 at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST

Healing Grief with the Spirit World w/Jennifer Farmer
November 20, 2021 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST

Join psychic medium Jennifer Farmer for How to Heal Grief by connecting to the Spirit World. Connect to the Spirit World and communicate with your Guides, Angels and Loved Ones with more ease and confidence.

We do not sell books, but you can find Jennifer’s wonderful grief workbook at Amazon:

A Healing Journey: How to Heal Grief & Rebuild Your Life After Loss: Farmer, Jennifer: 9781735111650: Books


Jennifer Farmer is a recognized leader in her field as a gifted intuitive, medium, and spiritual teacher. In 2008, she was named best intuitive medium by Bob Olson, Author of Answers about the Afterlife and host of Afterlife TV. She is the author of A Healing Journey How to Rebuild Your Life After Loss.

Her passion is to inspire people to tap into their connection to the Spirit World by connecting to their Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones. People from all over the world and all walks of life seek out Jennifer for professional and personal development.
She’s been a featured guest teacher around the world teaching signature classes on developing intuition, spiritual growth, living your higher purpose, and healing with the Spirit World.

For more than 14, she has mentored students online and around the globe in developing intuition and
psychic/mediumship discovery. She has created meditations for personal health, improving intuition, and connecting with the Spirit World. Her healing meditations were featured in Yoga Magazine in 2010. She is the founder of the Solutions of Spirit group and the Spiritual Growth Mentoring online community for spiritual seekers and lives in Texas.

You can find Jennifer here:




The Greatest Hoax of All Time – The True Nature of Man w/Tony Cicoria MD, PhD, Seattle IANDS Guest Speaker

Tony will talk about his NDE/OBE and how it has lead him to seek the the truth about the nature of reality and our spirituality through an understanding of history, quantum physics, and science. On ISGO at Sat. Nov. 13, 1:30 pm PST (4:30 pm EST).

The Greatest Hoax of All Time – The True Nature of Man w/Tony Cicoria MD, PhD, Seattle IANDS Guest Speaker
November 13, 2021 1:30 pm Pacific

A Near-Death Experiencer by lightning, Anthony Cicoria, MD, receives musical downloads.  Previously from New York, now located in Maine, he was a scientist who didn’t believe near-death experiences were reality until it happened to him.

Tony has spent the last 27 years trying to understand his NDE/OBE and what it meant. In this talk he will share his conclusions from his research into quantum physics, ancient Summerian writing, pre-biblical writings not included in the Bible, The RA material, and numerous other sources. He believes, from this research, that we are not alone in the universe, and more importantly, that man has a spiritual self and physical self. Tony will discuss how we have been lied to by church and state from the beginning of history. The spiritual self is eternal, he says, and has non-local consciousness with connection to everything.

In addition to this new live event, you can also hear Tony’s NDE/OBE story and hear him play the piano in the video replay of his talk with Durham IANDS: Dr. Anthony Cicoria – “The Lightning Sonata” plus … – IANDS Sharing Groups Online

About Tony Cicoria, MD, PhD:

Tony Cicoria, a part time practicing board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Maine, former Chief of Orthopedics at Chenango Memorial Hospital, Norwich, New York, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopedics at SUNY Upstate Medical School, in Syracuse. He received his BS in Biology from The Citadel and is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina (MD, PhD) and the University of Virginia Orthopedic Surgery Residency.
Dr. Cicoria was struck by lightning in 1994 and had a near death and out of body experience (NDE, OBE) and became a sudden savant for classical piano music and composition featured in many documentaries and books, including Oliver Sacks MD book Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain.


Dying to Live: Manifesting Spiritual Experiences and Ecstasy with Cathleen Gabrielsen, Presented by ISGO Stellar Speaker Series

Do you have spiritual experiences, visions, and ecstasy? Or do you want to learn how to manifest them?
Join Cathy Gabrielsen as she shares her story of near-death and how to expand your interior spiritual awareness and manifest your own spiritual experiences and spiritual ecstasy! Saturday, November 6th at 1 pm EDT/ 10 am PDT.

Dying to Live: Manifesting Spiritual Experiences and Ecstasy
November 6, 2021 at 1 pm EDT

What is it like to experience near-death? How does a near-death experience change us? Cathy Gabrielsen died twice and came back from death to a newfound spiritual awakening.

In high school, Cathy Gabrielsen and her boyfriend suffered a terrible car wreck. The impact left Cathy’s boyfriend in a coma, while Cathy survived a haunting near-death experience—a supernatural encounter with benevolent entities, and a healing white “Light.”

Years later, Cathy experienced her second near-death, awakening from a near-fatal battle against sepsis with an incredible story to share—a story of the “other side,” and a second encounter with the miraculous healing Light.
Do you have spiritual experiences, visions, and ecstasy? Or do you want to learn how to manifest them? Join Cathy Gabrielsen as she shares her story of near-death and how to expand your interior spiritual awareness and manifest your own spiritual experiences and spiritual ecstasy!

We do not sell books, but you can purchase Cathy’s book from Amazon by clicking here:



Cathy Gabrielsen is an International Master Healer, Speaker, Graduate Teacher of Energy Medicine at the Deborah King Center, and #1 Best Selling Author of Dying to Live: Surviving Near-Death. Cathy is the Founder of The Gabrielsen Healing Center, which provides remote and in-person, individual and group energy healings and Energy Healing Certifications. She is also the Founder of Connect Thru Cancer, a nonprofit that provides free support services to families with cancer. Cathy is the Host of “It’s Time to Heal” on the Awake TV Network.

You can find Cathy here: ,


Angel Visits, NDE’s and Messages of Light for World Peace with Nadine Telishewsky, Presented by IANDS’ Launch Pad Series

Nadine made an offer to God at age 13, leading to angelic visitations, viewing past lives, and a shared NDE. At age 18 she snuck into heaven and was shown her first profound message from the light, being 5 meanings of life, for the purpose of showing humanity how to love each other, and live together as one in world peace. She’ll also speak of her premonitions before her NDE at age 24, and her enlightening experience there before choosing to return to help others. October 30th at 1:00 pm EDT.

Angel Visits, NDE’s and Messages of  Light for World Peace with Nadine Telishewsky, Presented by IANDS’ Launch Pad Series

October 30, 2021 1:00 pm EDT/10:00 am PDT

At age 13 Nadine told God she wanted to either do whatever it takes to become an angel one day, or if it wasn’t possible to at least help his angels in some way. After a few months the beautiful angel visits began with them entering her dreams at night, with everything becoming vivid and cognizant. She’d follow them and astral travel in this realm, to past lives, to a future life to view the state of Mother Earth, and had a shared NDE at age 17. Now that she knew the way, she snuck into heaven at age 18, was able to pass a test an angel gave her, and had a profound experience where she received 5 of the many meanings of life. She was told the purpose was to teach everyone how to love each other, and how to live together as one to attain world peace.

Nadine will also explain 5 premonitions she experienced before her earth-death at age 24, as well as her NDE after being drugged with a date-rape drug which resulted in an overdose and massive heart attack. It was meant to be her ideal exit point to transition, as she’d completed her contract in this lifetime. But she received permission to return to this life from a strong yearning to help others.

Nadine then experienced an extremely difficult time with medical issues, aftereffects, and having no one to relate to about her experiences after being dismissed or criticized. She shut her spiritual life off and stopped speaking of them. After more than 16 years of silence, at the start of 2021, she founds IANDS as the miracle cure for helping her open herself back up to the ethereal, and had a profound spiritual awakening. This resulted in astral travels, communication with angels, Mother Nature and God, and learning many inspirational lessons.

For the first time she’s been called to reveal all her experiences of the light, to offer messages of love, hope, and connection to others. She’s so grateful for the opportunity to present through her new soul home with IANDS.

Aiming at Oneness: Silencing the Mind, Opening the Chakras, Transforming by the Inward Journey

Become a channel of Light. Give up yourself. Learn how. Share this Energetic Presence as we learn and practice. Decades of practice cut a deep channel. Don’t talk my word for it. Come find out for yourself. Bring your Light or find it with us. Saturday, December 18th at 7 pm EDT/ 4 pm PDT.

Aiming at Oneness: Silencing the Mind, Opening the Charkas, Transforming by the Inward Journey
with Peter Panagore, December 18th at 7 pm EDT/ 4 pm PDT

Learn to quiet your mind of language. Enter the silence. Train your brain. Take control of your thoughts. Find peace every day. Discover the easy tools of Kriya Yoga and Pranayama to find, identify, and raise your prana, and connect your chakra. Build a reservoir of peace within. Mysticism is experiential. Learn to identify the signs for a true mystical experience. Peter has forty years of experience in centering silence (Centering Prayer) and kriya practice. Become a channel of Peace, Joy, Healing, Love, and Light.

You can learn more about Peter at



FEAR & LOATHING IN 2021: Practical Resilience Strategies For Stressful Times

Barbara Ireland was attending a strenuous self-development camp when her body gave out from heatstroke and hyponatremia. During a 4-hour life review, she witnessed the consequences of habitual negative thinking and worrying. Join Barbara as she relates her NDE, how she was able to stop the habit of negative thinking – and specific strategies you can use right away to gain resilience during these stressful times. Presented by Seattle IANDS on Sat. October 9, at 1:30 pm PST (4:30 pm EST).

FEAR & LOATHING IN 2021: Practical Resilience Strategies For Stressful Times
with Barbara Ireland
Presented by Seattle IANDS

Just when we thought things were calming down… the Delta variant appeared… hurricanes, earthquakes and forest fires on a magnitude none of us could imagine tore through the globe… and the United States of America began to resemble a Non-United States of Antagonism and Divisiveness. And on and on it goes. If there’s one thing we all could use more of right now… it is RESILIENCE. Barbara Ireland received incredible wisdom during an hours-long life review in her NDE. The teaching focused on a specific aspect of human life that, depending on how one uses it, can make or break your resilience to stress: The creative power of your thoughts – with an emphasis on the impact of negative thinking and worry. Barbara will share her NDE, how it dramatically impacted her life and happiness, and how we can all apply and benefit from that wisdom during these ultra stressful times. Bring pen and paper to take notes! She will be sharing practical resilience strategies to help you deal with the ongoing stressors of these crazy times we live.


Barbara Ireland is author of the Amazon bestseller, “How To Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience, and Happiness,” and contributing author to “The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences: How the Messages of NDEs Can Positively Impact the World.” She is founder of The De-Looping Method that uses neuroscience to interrupt repetitive, negative thoughts (based on her NDE), and creator of the Blueprint For Magic method for conscious creating. Ireland trains individuals, foundations, and corporations to stop worry, raise self-esteem, and develop skill in conscious creating. She is also a musician, singer, and avid hiker.

Learn more here:

ISGO does not sell books, but you can buy Barbara’s book from Amazon here: How To Stop Negative Thoughts: What My Near Death Experience Taught Me About Mind Loops, Neuroscience, and Happiness



“Heaven’ and ‘Hell” — What Are They Really?! w/Mark Pitstick

Playing golden harps, begging for drops of water, or ___? Learn contemporary understandings about heaven, hell, and how YOU can shape the quality of your life now and after your earthly body dies. Saturday, September 25, 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern.

Creating the Life You Envision with Mark Pitstick, MA, DC
Saturday, August 28th at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT)

Ask the Soul Doctor: ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell — What Are They Really?!

‘Heaven’ and ‘hell’ have been depicted in various ways by different religions. Is heaven walking on golden streets forever, how an evolved consciousness perceives life whether living on earth or elsewhere, or something else? Is hell a never-ending place of torment, or how we feel when ignorant of – and living incongruently with – our true nature and oneness with Source? Evidence-based answers to these questions shape our world views and decisions about how to best live during this earthly experience. Dr. Pitstick will share his thoughts based on his theology school studies and understandings about the greater reality. Attendees will be invited to share their past fears, current struggles, and deepest questions.

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, has over forty-seven years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers and private practice. His training includes a premedical degree, graduate theology/pastoral counseling studies, masters in clinical psychology, and doctorate in chiropractic health care. He also has provided suicide prevention counseling and education to many people.

Learn more about Mark, The Soul Doctor, and his books, classes, and interviews at: Soul Proof – If you really knew, how would you live?

Order his book Soul Proof from his website: Soul Proof book – Soul Proof



This session is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Do not participate in this session if you feel uncomfortable at any time.  Ask your therapist or physician before using this technique if you are under care for significant depression, anxiety, or any other “mental” symptoms.