IANDS Launch Pad Series – From Darkness to Light

From Darkness into Light… from the time of birth, the challenges and memories begin, with long periods of searching… then Spirit returns, a new phase of the journey begins. Finding a way … to live the journey with purpose bringing Light into Darkness. Join Julio at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT) — as the Journey Continues! (Event free with coupon “Julio123”)

From Darkness to Light  with Julio Enrique Reyes-Alvarado

  • Introduction:  Birth challenges……they are out to get me…. Nine months later…. they are out to get me…
  • Destiny revealed…. Introduction to the Spiritualist Community…. reading from the Seer…
  • The Journey begins… twenty-five years… searching for Truth…questioning…
  • Return of the Spirit…
  • The Desert Journey…
  • The Prophecy… Living in Faith…
  • Living in the Light…
  • Finding Purpose…
  • Living Purpose…Bringing Light into Darkness…
  • The Journey Continues…


Julio volunteered for 35 years with various non-profits in Northern California.  In that capacity he sat on boards and was Board President of Nepenthean Homes Foster Family Agency, as well as serving as part of a non-profit audit team for United Way.  He also served as Director of two NGO Boards.

Business experience:

  • Early in his extensive business career he was recruited by General Electric for a two-year, in-house, award-winning national training program, which included divisional training and onsite factory training.
  • Co-founder and Senior Adviser – Alvia Services, Inc.
  • Senior Adviser to start-up companies.
  • Thirty years+ experience in construction management, contract compliance, risk management and conflict/claim resolution.
  • International business experience – Working with private enterprises and local governments in Transfer of Technology, Project Management, and International Commodities Trading.

Alvarado Associates LLC, consulting services matching projects with investment dollars.


Virginia Beach IANDS Guest Speaker Webinar

On August 3, 2013 Filmmaker & Actor Robert Neal Marshall suffered a major heart attack and went into ventricular fibrillation caused by a 100% blockage of his left anterior descending artery. Through remarkable chance of being in an ambulance when this occurred, paramedics shocked him in an attempt to bring back his heart and Robert flatlined. Eventually brought back by CPR, Robert was clinically dead for nearly a minute and a half. This profound experience changed his total being and perspective of life. Sat. Nov. 14, 7 am PST (10 am EST).

Providence of the Heart – Surviving Death & Honoring Life: Embrace Your Vibrant Light Robert Neal Marshall
Saturday, November 14 at 7 am PST | 10 am EST

On August 3, 2013 Filmmaker & Actor Robert Neal Marshall suffered a major heart attack and went into ventricular fibrillation caused by a 100% blockage of his left anterior descending artery. Through remarkable chance of being in an ambulance when this occurred, paramedics shocked him in an attempt to bring back his heart and Robert flatlined. Eventually brought back by CPR, Robert was clinically dead for nearly a minute and a half. This profound experience changed his total being and perspective of life. As a professional lecturer over the past six years on topics of film and theatre with the award-winning Cunard Insights© Enrichment Programme, Robert now brings his personal and inspirational conversation to audiences on land.

Topics include:

  • Crossing over and coming back – a Near Death Experience
  • Dealing with the after effects of a Near Death Experience.
  • Listening to your inner voice and letting it guide you.
  • Embracing life and losing fear.
  • Making positive choices to follow a truly fulfilled path.
  • Learning to understand and let go of things we cannot change.
  • Living and sharing from a place of deep love and kindness.


Robert Neal Marshall is an actor/writer/filmmaker who started off working in the West End of London as assistant to late producer and theatrical agent Richard Armitage on several hit shows, including Me and My Girl with Robert Lindsay and Emma Thompson, High Society with Natasha Richardson, The Entertainer with Peter Bowles, and Rowan Atkinson for his one man show A New Review. While in London, Robert produced and directed the successful West End debut of Is There Life After High School? at the Donmar Warehouse.


A Graduate of New York University Film, Marshall worked for over a year as Casting Associate with Casting Director Pat Moran, C.S.A. (THE WIRE, HAIRSPRAY) and was a proud member of the team to win an Emmy® Award for casting GAME CHANGE starring Julianne Moore, and an Emmy® Nomination for casting Season one of VEEP starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, both for HBO.

Robert’s documentary BACK FROM THE LIGHT, co-produced with fellow NDE survivor Yvonne Sneeden, is available online and via streaming video as well as his DVD THREE QUEENS-AN INTERNATIONAL RENDEZVOUS, released in 2008 to coincide with the final journey of the QE2. His documentary MR. OCEAN LINER, about the life and times of maritime historian and author Bill Miller premiered aboard Queen Mary 2 and made its Lincoln Center and New York City premiere as part of “Cinematic Passages: The Ocean Liner on Screen” at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center.

Robert is the founder and Executive Producer of the Columbia Film Festival in Columbia, Maryland, which just wrapped its 3rd season and he recently became Managing Director for the film festival’s parent organization, Columbia Festival of the Arts.

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Durham IANDS Guest Speaker Webinar

A near-death experiencer when struck by lightning, Anthony Cicoria, MD, started receiving musical downloads and trained to become a classical pianist to play what he heard. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Cicoria was a scientist who didn’t believe near-death experiences were a reality until it happened to him. Friday, Oct. 16, 7 – 9 pm EDT.

*** A talk from a scientist traveling through an experienced-based change,  adjusting from a materialist to a non-materialist point of view. Exploring the mystery to the point of validating it’s not a function of physical matter, but being more than that, a lot of the mystery still remains! A true savant, having an ability following a transcendent experience and exploring the change to the degree possible with advanced scientific principles applied. ***

This event is past, it’s video recording should be available within 24-48 hrs.

Dr Anthony Cicoria – The Lightening Sonata
Friday, October 16, 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific)

A Near-Death Experiencer by Lightning, Anthony Cicoria, MD, receives musical downloads.

Anthony Cicoria MD, Orthopedic Surgeon previously from New York, now located in Maine, was a scientist who didn’t believe near-death experiences were reality until it happened to him. Dr. Cicoria was highlighted in neurologist Oliver Sack’s book titled, “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain”, after he was struck by lightning and later began receiving ‘downloads’ of classical music. Hear Dr. Cicoria describe what he experienced and enjoy a short virtual piano performance.

This picture was taken showing orbs of light covering his hands while playing!

Greater Reality Living Series

The 2nd of 10 independent, interactive sessions in The Greater Reality Living series [this series is being renamed to “Creating the Life You Envision”] with Dr. Mark Pitstick. Today’s session is dealing with a contemplative technique for having a Life Review. This technique can deepen your awareness for connecting to the greater reality for living now.

Creating the Life You Envision*** with Mark Pitstick, MA, DC
Saturday, September 26 at 10 am PDT (1 pm EDT)

The Life Review Technique

*** This is the second of 10 independent interactive & presentation-oriented sessions… (this was formerly called “The Greater Reality Living Series”)***.


If you were to pass on today, what would your life review be like?  Would it be a work of art, or not so much?  Find out in this session so you can improve and make amends.  This technique can deepen your awareness about greater reality living.  You can share this technique, and a daily mini-version of it, with young people in your life and discuss afterwards.  Note: the webinar fee includes unlimited access to the video recording of this session (access to the video is available even if the live event is missed).


This technique was originally developed by Ken Ring, PhD, early director of IANDS and professor emeritus at the University of Connecticut.  Author of Lessons from the Light and other books, he has worked with many people who had near-death experiences (NDE).  In his research, Dr. Ring found that the life-review was one of the most impactful aspects of NDEs.

Further, he found that you do not have to nearly die to benefit from a life-review.  Visualizing it during a deeply relaxed state can infer powerful positive changes.   Dr. Ring, now retired, gave me his permission to continue this aspect of his work.

The Life Review Technique is a life-transformative approach that uses deep relaxation and visual imagery to simulate dying and the subsequent life-review.  Processing that experience can produce very real changes that shape your life for the better now.  Using this technique can deepen your awareness of greater reality living and how you choose to live during your earthly visit.  You can share this technique, and a daily mini-version of it, with young people in your life and discuss afterwards.

A life-review can be a potent reminder about what is most important in life.  It can help you focus on your priorities and the purposes you had for choosing this earth-experience at this time.  The life review is not punitive; it is a great opportunity to learn valuable lessons that stay with you through eternity.  This feedback helps you do better the next time you are in a similar situation.

Using this technique can deepen your awareness about greater reality living and applying information from Greater Reality Living (co-authored by Mark and Gary E. Schwartz PhD).  You also can share this technique with young people in your life and discuss afterwards.

The Big Picture of Life – co-authored by Mark, Dr. Schwartz, and Katta Mapes MA, MEd – is a version of Greater Reality Living written for ages 10 -16 or so.  After this webinar, you will be better prepared to discuss this topic and this book with young people in your life.

If you are truly sorry for inappropriate actions in the past, those can be erased and reformatted in the way you could have acted (not should have, for there is no outside judgment here).  The life-review technique can help you more deeply realize your interconnectedness with all life and why the Golden Rule makes obvious sense.

You also can enjoy a “mini-LRT” each night when you go to bed.  Simply review your day with self-praise for your positive thoughts/words/deeds.  Then consider the ways that you could have done better and visualize yourself doing so the next time around.   Feel for ways that you can make amends or improve and resolve to do so.

Dr. Pitstick has used deep relaxation and visual imagery techniques with thousands of persons in private sessions and groups since earning his clinical psychology masters’ degree in 1980.  During the actual technique during this webinar, your audio and video will be blocked so you can relax in the privacy of your home during this group experience.

Recommendations Before the Session

  • Be rested since the induction techniques used are very conducive to sleep.
  • If possible, sit up instead of lying down during the session.
  • Eat a light, healthy meal beforehand so you aren’t hungry or have low blood sugar.
  • Avoid excess caffeine or sugar for 48 hours.
  • Avoid using alcohol or recreational drugs for at least three days beforehand.
  • Get as relaxed as possible before the experience.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that will not bind as you sit still for 45 minutes.
  • Bring lip salve to prevent dry lips during the open-mouth breathing.
  • Drink water and use the bathroom just before your session.
  • Turn off all phones, pagers, or other potentially interrupting devices

Recommendations After the Session

  • Enjoy some quiet time to internalize your lessons, insights, and inner peace.
  • Be careful and really focus if you drive soon afterwards.
  • Keep a journal to note any additional insights that arrive in dream or waking states.

Disclaimer: This session is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Your participation is voluntary; you should stop if you feel uncomfortable at any time.  If you have a history of significant mental illness, obtain permission from your doctor or therapist before using this technique.