Clinically Deceased for Nearly Twenty-four Hours

I share with you my story of what it was like for me to die for nearly 24 hours, come back the next day and have 26 strokes. I will present eyewitness accounts, documents and social media post of the day of and after the event. I share my story to prove the strength of prayer, faith, perseverance, the strengths of the human body and most importantly the power of the highest that proves that death is not the end but a continuation of existence.

I am sharing my experience of being clinically deceased for nearly 24 hours, experiencing 26 strokes and experiencing something that I only remotely experienced throughout my meditation practices. What I saw with my spiritual eyes, how I felt when I awoke, how I was forever changed and the important lesson I learned that was communicated to me using a method that I can’t explain and translated into human understanding. I will also share how everything in my life rather “good or bad” gave me the lessons to fight for my life when I needed it the most.
Every lesson from the physical to the spiritual were all pieces of a puzzle that was going to be completed leading up to my death on August 18, 2016. How growing up on the South Side of Chicago surrounded by family and friends help me understand the meaning of unconditional love in the midst of chaos, crime and diversity which helped begin to understand some of the different aspects of human life and emotions. I will share how that unconditional love along with forgiveness and strength grew within me, cultivating me to handle everything that was next to come in my life.
From days of a toddler throughout manhood grew within me confidence, positive thinking and the beginning of faith that things will get better no matter how hard it seems. How I found my niche in dancing with new friends and the fun and exciting new experiences that came with it. Which also introduced me to another level of spirituality that would forever change my life. I will also how share I began to reshape my life, having a family and my choice to leave Chicago and move to Columbus, Ohio where things started to crumble and yet I still kept my faith. When I began losing family in what seemed liked every year, my medical diagnosis throughout those years, home issues and the ultimate diagnosis that changed everything. How I turned to meditation to help quell my emotions which then took me to a level of spirituality beyond my dreams. I will then share how just when I started to feel that I was tired and done with everything one evening on August 17th, 2016, while coming in from work The Most High heard me and took over that same night. Driving me to the hospital, getting me through the ER doors and almost immediately leaving me my body to the hands of the medical professionals.
About Leonard
I am 45 years old from the South Side of Chicago and attended William R Harper High School Also on the South Side. At the age of 14 I began a dancing career with my friends and performed at talent shows, Pep Rally’s, concerts, trade shows and even performed at the world-famous Apollo Theater in Harlem New York 2 consecutive times. After starting a family in 2001, I moved to Columbus, Ohio I had another child and continued my career with Coca-Cola until my early forced retirement in 2017 because of my heart attack and 26 strokes rendering me disabled. From that point on not only did I lose my job, I also lost my home, former identity and had to literally start over. I developed a neurological disability, nerve damage, PTSD and other medical conditions as a result. I am an avid meditator since 2011 and I am a very spiritual person. Meditation it is a very important tool in my life and keeps me grounded and connected to God and his infinite wisdom. I have 6 kids which includes a stepson, 4 adults and a 2-year-old. I’ve written a self-published memoir titled “The Second Time Around A Memoir About A Life A Death and A Second Chance” available on and and created a company called Daleth Aromatherapy & Meditation Sanctuary LLC to help people experience the beauty and benefits of meditation and aromatherapy. My company is a work in progress, but I believe that I can do what I can with what I have to help as many people as possible.
You can find Leonard here:
@Nasi Uzziel (FB) Mr_Martin77(IG) Nasi Uzziel (YouTube)

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Life – In Choice and Experience

Brett Cole’s life experience includes a parent who suffered profound mental illness. His caretaker’s life was defined in the occult, paranormal, and Judeo-Christian beliefs. His early life included a palm reader who was a grandmother figure to him. His experience as a emergency medical technician assisted him in experiencing the beauty, the sadness, and the finality of the process of death. Brett has experienced shared death experiences with loved ones, patients, and even his wife who passed away in 2021. Brett has experienced his own near-death experience due to major illness.

Life – In Choice and Experience

Saturday, August 13th, 1pm Eastern (10 am Pacific)


A message from Brett:

My name is Brett Cole. I’ve entitled my webinar Life – In Choice and Experience.

For those of us, including me, who struggle to make choices, then struggle to make sense of the resulting experiences. Experiences that may include the most profound of them all: a near death or other spiritual experience. I hope this webinar may provide a context for your struggle based on my own struggle and uncover the hidden blessings that reside there. I wish to convey with this work the value of living a full life based on choices made with an engaged mind and spirit. My wish is to leave you with a sense of hope that your world will be a better place because of your learned lessons.

In a nutshell, your human desire to make sense of it all often dominates the true nature of your life’s mission: to learn and put your lessons to good use.


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Tested and Delivered From the Abyss by God With a Message

On April 12, 2021 Roc died for 90 minutes from complete cardiac arrest due to COVID-19. She had a profound NDE in which she went to a very dark hellish place. It was there that she was tested and saved by the presence of Jesus Christ, who showed her a life review that included powerful messages.  She was then sent back to her family and also to express love and acceptance to all. Roc’s experience was amazing and in turn life changing.

Tested and Delivered From the Abyss by God With a Message
Saturday, December 11th at 4:30 pm EST/1:30 pm PST

On April 12, 2021 Roc died for 90 minutes from complete cardiac arrest due to COVID-19. She had a profound NDE in which she went to a very dark hellish place. It was there that she was tested and saved by the presence of Jesus Christ, who showed her a life review that included powerful messages.  She was then sent back to her family and also to express love and acceptance to all. Roc’s experience was amazing and in turn life changing. This is one of the first times Roc will talk about her extensive NDE. She wants to share messages she received from the other side about food addiction and COVID-19. She invites you to join her to learn about her experience and hear her messages being delivered straight to you from Heaven, through her.

We do not sell books, but you can purchase Scirocco’s book at Amazon by clicking the link below.

90 Minutes From Covid: Jace is the purpose. I am the messenger. God is the reason. – Kindle edition by Slaton, Scirocco. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

I’m Scirocco ,or Rockie as my family calls me. I’m a 40 yr. old I’m a native of Dayton Ohio. My first book is 90 Minutes From Covid. It is a short memoir it touches a bit on my up bringing and mostly my experience with COVID 19. I had complete cardiac arrest on April 12th 2021. I died for 90 minutes had a profound experience with God and came back to tell my story. I am here today from the love and support of my family. My story is the raw honest truth, no holding back. It may be a bit much for some but it’s my Gods to honest truth.

IANDS Stellar Speakers Series

As a near-death experiencer, 4X cancer survivor, author and hospital chaplain, Rev. David Maginley, explores the soul’s homework through the wisdom of those who have stepped across the edge of mortality. In these chaotic times, understanding how conflict and suffering challenge ego self-preservation has never been more important. Engaging this wisely accelerates our awareness that we all emanate from Love. Our differences need not divide us! Sat. Dec. 21, 10 pm PST (1 pm EST, 2 pm AST).

“Conflict and Suffering as Instruments of Awakening”
with Rev. David Maginley, MDiv, CSCP
Saturday, November 21, 10 am PST (1 pm EST, 2 pm AST)

As a near-death experiencer, 4X cancer survivor, author and hospital chaplain Rev. David Maginley, explores the soul’s homework through the wisdom of those who have stepped across the edge of mortality. In these chaotic times, understanding how conflict and suffering challenge ego self-preservation has never been more important. Engaging this wisely accelerates our awareness that we all emanate from Love. Our differences need not divide us!

The ego is such a convincing garment of identity! And nothing threatens it life conflict and suffering. How easily we believe everything we think. How often we are controlled by everything we feel. Yet those who’ve had a NDE know that ego identity is a necessary illusion, an aspect of the human experience. Their temporary transformation does not lead to enlightenment! But it does leave the indelible signature of the sacred upon our psyche.

David has been with hundreds as they’ve died, and will share insights on ego identity, how it fuels the present crisis, and the centrality of forgiveness and reconciliation in coming home to ourselves. One of the most difficult and central aspects of this is understanding the way conflict and suffering deconstruct ego identity in the reverse order that it was formed. And ego does not enjoy the process! Instinctive defence mechanisms kick in, and add fuel to the fire. This replays old injuries, triggering regret, shame, and frustration. What can we do?

David will explore concrete, simple strategies to restore connection and community, grounded in the wisdom of near-death experiences. We are all wired with this. Awakening it is the homework of the soul, now more than ever.

Rev. David Maginley is an interfaith spiritual counselor at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and award-winning author of Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey. David has also survived cancer four times, which resulted in a profound near-death experience and explorations in the nature of consciousness and the connection of body, mind and spirit. He knows what it’s like to have cancer from both sides of the hospital bed, and has a sense of this life from both sides of the veil.

David is ordained with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, a specialist with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, member of Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology, the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and is featured in the documentaries Here Right Now and When You Die.

He has presented internationally on the most difficult topics: suffering and meaning, grief and hope, death and dying and our connection to God through love.

More information can be found at

The Big Picture of Life – Free Webinar

A free webinar for covering existential questions for yourself and the young people (& others) that you care about in your life. Based on the pictures and themes covered in this kid’s book for all of us!

The Big Picture of Lifewith Katta Mapes & Mark Pitstick

Have your questions been answered? Even so, how do you answer if someone you know and care about asks these questions?

How do you answer the questions of life for yourself?

  • Who am I?
  • What happens when I die?
  • Are there angels or spiritual beings?
  • Why aren’t all prayers answered?

And how then do you answer those questions when someone you care about, young or old, asks them to you!?

IANDS Stellar Speakers Series

A 30 month ordeal of repeated trips to the emergency room, involving 18 respiratory arrests and induced comas … and yet the transcendent gifts of those experiences are a bounty now shared with countless others who hear Penny’s phenomenal rendition of this period of her life and full recovery!

A Life Reclaimed… with Penny Wittbrodt, RN

A Near-Death Experience … and again!

In August 2012, nurse Penny Wittbrodt was rushed to the emergency room after the mysterious onset of severe respiratory distress.

Her husband raced to the hospital and within minutes, stood helplessly watching as she stopped breathing, was placed on life support and into a medically induced coma.

Over the next two and a half years that scene unexplainably replayed itself eighteen times.

Penny shares her story, her near-death experiences and the conversation with God that led to her complete recovery.


When Penny shares her NDE with others it’s undeniable how deeply moving, and intelligent this nurse is.  Her account of being rushed to the emergency room where her husband has to witness her on life support, the events that replayed multiple times over the next two and a half years and the aftermath that follows, affirms on the deepest level that profound meaning lies behind every seemingly tragic event in our existence. 

I am struck to the core by her account of entering a supernatural world paired with her intimate conversation with God that eventually lead to healing in her life.  I felt compelled to listen close as she described a love feeling that passes throughout her DNA only to be given a God affirmation that he is inside of her.  Hearing Penny share her experience, I knew she speaks truth paired with love and a burning desire to help others by sharing her experience and there is no doubt in my mind that all who are blessed to be able to hear her speak would consider it to be a great gift.

by Erica McKenzie, RN  – Author of “Dying to Fit in

Penny Wittbrodt could be called a “frequent flyer” between her spiritual home and her earthly dwelling, owing to several NDEs during bouts with anaphylaxis and medically induced comas, and at least one STE years before her first NDE. While her experiences were deeply spiritual, personal and profound, I appreciate Penny’s down-to-earth honesty, pragmatic outlook, and her teachable, questioning spirit displayed as she tells of her encounters with God, in all His light, patience and lovingkindness. There is a true sense of comfort in recognizing Penny’s concerns, curiosity, fears and questions which she expressed before God, as universal, and our own.

And Penny, herself, is a gifted teacher, as a nurse and recent survivor of CoVid19. Through live-journaling during her illness on an interactive forum, she is engaged [with] an audience of hundreds, equipping them with detailed, healthful understanding and knowledge from her own research and experience. Not only has she been able to expand their own practical understanding of medical care and self-advocacy, Penny has had the opportunity to quietly share her NDE story, with its powerful rays of light, hope and love, enabling listeners to move beyond fear and go forward with faith on their own journeys.

by Debi W Bender

BIOGRAPHY – Penny Wittbrodt, RN

Photo w sleeping husband & our goddaughter.Penny Wittbrodt is the mother of three grown kids and grandmother of four. She and her husband Don, enjoy life in the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky. After graduating from nursing school in 2002, Penny accepted her first position as a Cardiothoracic ICU nurse. Most of her nursing career was spent in critical care.

Penny also felt a need to give back to her community and was involved in two different not-for-profit outreach programs. One of these, was a local clinic that served patients who otherwise would have lacked basic primary medical care.

Several years later, her small town was shocked by the closing of their local Boys and Girls club. Penny and a team of concerned parents opened their own after-school center. In its first year of operation, the program received the state of Kentucky “Destiny Award,” for excellence in service to at-risk and underserved children.

The after-school program revealed Penny’s love for teaching. She took a year away from nursing when she accepted adjunct professor positions, at three area technical colleges. There, she taught pathophysiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, and dosage calculation.

When the spring term ended, she returned to nursing. Penny would soon be forced to give up her career, when in 2013, she was assaulted by a patient. The attack left her with a spinal injury which required a lengthy surgery and left her with permanent nerve damage in her spine, left arm, and hand. Unable to work, she fell into a dark depression and began isolating herself. This led to overwhelming social anxiety which in turn, caused her to withdrawal even further.

Several months after surgery, she developed a mysterious autoimmune condition which caused eighteen bouts of respiratory failure, over two-and-a-half years. Doctors had no answers and every treatment they prescribed failed. Finally, through a series of near-death experiences, the source of her continued attacks was revealed. Penny discovered how to overcome her condition and took action. That decision dramatically changed the course of her life. Based on her experience, she was invited to write a chapter for Dr. Penny Sartori’s book, “The Transformative Power of Near-Death Experiences.”  Penny is currently finalizing her first book, “A Life Reclaimed.

Durham IANDS Guest Speaker Webinar

After a life of profound spiritual experiences, Brian’s NDE in 2015 expanded his awareness of reality in profound ways to include … awareness of thousands of planets with life; our thoughts and emotions affect the entire Cosmos and are far more impactful than we understand; in a life review beings are given the option to change or not change actions taken… and more! Push that “RSVP Now” button for even more details…
PLEASE NOTE! This is a LIVE session event only. There will be NO post-event video available.

Brian Keith – Cosmic Conundrum, An Inconvenient Truth of Evolution
Friday, January 17, 7 pm, EST — No recording permitted, live talk only.
Do NOT register for this event unless you can sign-in at the actual event time! This speaker has asked that there be no recordings.

Brian Keith Brian Keith was an Executive Banker for Wells Fargo, overseeing credit card operations in 5 states. After acquiring additional education, Brian moved to North Carolina and began to work as a forensic engineer. But Brian, perhaps because of the proximity of his second NDE in 2015, or perhaps because he’s had more than one NDE, will not sound like his previous career, although he certainly can be precise and focused. A major difference would be that the radiance Brian emanates as he talks about his most recent NDE would fill any room.

Brian’s 1st NDE, which he heard about from his father, occurred during childbirth. His father said he was only “half out” of his mother when the attending doctor had to leave for an emergency. He returned 40 minutes later, discovered Brian could not breathe and began resuscitation. This probably was the cause of numerous problems Brian had throughout his childhood, because he could “see” into the spiritual, and he talked about what he saw. Brian still remembers how at the age of 4 he described to a school mate the past life memories Brian could somehow see manifesting next to his friend. The painful consequences from his school system, as well as family and friends, from this, and other incidents like it, led Brian to shut down his spiritual awareness, which he succeeded in doing for decades. Focusing on achievement on the material plane Brian sped through college, and after leaving Wells Fargo, created a forensic engineering company.

Brian’s description of the tragic traffic disaster on the evening of Feb 16, 2015 in Charlotte NC, and his selfless acts to save lives as cars continued to pile up, is incredible. After he was eventually taken out by a car, and found himself looking down on the wrecks, Brian said it felt like he was “waking up from a dream.” This is the beginning of his NDE account which will include his:

(1) being made aware of the tens of thousands of other planets with life like ours, but different.
(2) discovering that our thoughts and emotions indeed affect the entire Cosmos, but are far more impactful than we understand.
(3) being given the option to change or not change things he had said or done as he experienced them during his life review, and the consequences of doing that.

These are a few of the many things Brian will share as he opens up about this NDE. And then there’s what happened after that NDE. Although Brian is still involved with his forensic engineering company, his 2nd NDE reopened doors to the spiritual. He now begins each day by meditatively expressing hours of unconditional love to the Cosmos. He also leads a meditational group of 40 people in a related practice.

Brian is a very inspiring and fun person to talk with. Please join us as we collectively step away from some of our outmoded understandings of reality and expand our consciousness a bit further. There will be a thought provoking entertainment component in the beginning and at the end of the meeting. This is our last chance to see Brian for awhile before he leaves to return to the islands very soon.

(Biography originally written by Greg Wilson, Seattle IANDS)


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Spiritual ME Sundays – Hospital Experiences Introduction: Patients & Personnel

Spiritual ME Sundays series are designed to help you apply practical teachings and resources available to guide you on your path.


Hospital Experiences Introduction: Patients & Personnel – Many NDE, SDE and STE are experienced in hospitals. Sharing what happens opens doors to understanding and compassion that places new awareness for all to consider of what to expect and how perhaps to be supportive. Explore hospital triggered spiritual transformative experiences and ways to help. 


Explore mystical experiences such as Near-Death Experience (NDE), Shared Death Experience and Spiritual Transformative Experiences (STE) with ISGO Certified Facilitator Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook.   As a practitioner, academic and researcher in this area, Dr. MJ brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on the why’s, how to’s and what for’s in a practical format to offer options and resources for you. She will incorporate what she learned from other experts and colleagues in the industry.

In addition, Spiritual ME Sundays series are designed to help you apply practical teachings and resources available to guide you on your path.

July 28th Sunday Sessions – Notes for the Self Introduction: Lessons Learned

Aug 25th Sunday Session – Hospital Experiences Introduction: Patients & Personnel

Sept 22nd Sunday Session – Energetic Support: Introduction to Energetic Theory & Practice for NDE & STE

TIME Eastern Daylight Timezone

5 – 6:00 pm: Course lecture with Q & A (Recorded)

Optional Group Personal Support 30 min 6 to 6:30 pm


Admission Options:

    • Spiritual ME Sundays – Sunday, August 25:
      Hospital Experiences Introduction: Patients & Personnel

      Early bird*:  Regular fee = $15  (ISGO Subscribers fee = $10)
      – ends Sunday, August 18, 2019.
      * Early bird price is for RSVPs completed at least 7 days before the class date.

      Course Cost:  Regular fee = $20  (ISGO Subscribers fee = $15)
      – starting Monday, August 19, 2019.