The Practice In Between: The Art of Letting Go Book Club Guest Author Session

IANDS Book Club, Theme/Topic Session

Facilitator: Nancy van Alphen

Language: English

Capacity: 40

Thursday, February 17, 2022

7:00 pm EST

2 hours

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The Practice In Between: The Art of Letting Go Book Club Guest Author Session
February 17th at 7:00 pm EST/ 4 pm PST

Everyone is invited!

With the release of Jim Bruton’s first book, “The In Between, A Trip of a Lifetime”, readers began asking how they could put into practice the wisdom from the In Between. Using the personal integration of his Near-Death Experience in the In Between as a guide, Jim produced many videos and conducted hundreds of interviews that eventually led to the writing of this book. He was told how to write it in an Out of Body Experience, that told him the words would contain the information but the rivers of white that ran between them held the understanding. During this process, Jim realized the In Between did not want to be known as a 12-Step Guide to Surviving Life, but more as a space that invites each person to fill it with the essence of their own lives, the things that are important and meaningful to them. Instead of promoting some Next Big Thing, this book is about letting go, discovering that you have had all along what you need to be a happy, spiritual person. You cannot satisfy desires. You can only feed them. Similarly, answers to questions can take you only so far. To take the quantum leap, you stop answering questions, and you awaken to them.

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The Practice In Between: The Art of Letting Go: Bruton, Jim: 9798526713511: Books

Jim Bruton (1956-The Present) was born in Key West, FL, grew up in Jacksonville and Charlotte, NC. After 2 years of working and studying in Puerto Rico, he returned to NC to graduate from college and then went to Africa to learn wildlife filming. It was there he saw his first satellite phone and got the idea for transmitting live video over it, a first. Once he did that, we traveled to all 7 continents, the Titanic, the North Pole, Mt. Everest and many war zones in between. He adapted it for use in telemedicine and became a Lecturer at Yale University School of Medicine. Along the way, he picked up an Emmy for his technical work on a National Geographic Television Special, won for the Yahoo! Site of the Year, was awarded the Ahli Mangku Negara from the King of Malaysia (the highest honor a non-Malaysian can receive) and for a time was a Resident Fellow at The Explorers Club in New York. After the faithful reproduction of a WW1 aircraft – a 1917 Fokker triplane- Jim flew it and then sold it to an Air Force pilot. Next up was a 1933 Flying Flea, that Jim crashed on his 2nd test flight. This plane delivered Jim to his next adventure, the journey to end all journeys, his near-death experience. From that unique transformation, Jim continues to explore all aspects of integrating it into his life, prospecting what wisdom he can that continues to bubble forth. The journey has just begun and “The In Between, A Journey of a Lifetime”, is the first installment.

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