Christian Clergy Sharing Group (Private)

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Facilitator: DanielEndy

Language: English

Capacity: 50

Monday, August 1, 2022

1:00 pm EDT

1 hour 30 minutes

This event has ended

IANDS Christian Clergy Group
1st Monday of each month.
Please join us Monday 8/1/22 at 1 pm ET for a *very* special guest, Graham Standish, PhD, MSW, MDiv, MA – Executive Director & Director of Caring for Clergy and Congregations 

“Standish calls contemporary preachers to a transformational, postmodern, apostolic proclamation for the sake of the nones and dones. He delivers a compelling and inspirational argument for preaching to those who have been and are still walking away from a church that does not speak to them.”
—Laura L. H. Barbins, bishop, Northeast Ohio Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Graham is the author of ten books and numerous articles on the topic of spirituality, spiritual direction and spirituality in congregations, including his new book, “Preaching to Those Walking Away,” as well as his 2020 book, “…And the Church Actually Changed,” which is based on his work as a spiritual director and coach for clergy.

Graham Standish joined Samaritan Counseling, Guidance, Consulting in November, 2017 as the Executive Director, as well as Director of their Caring for Clergy and Congregations program and has transformed the organization.

In addition to overseeing Samaritan’s fundraising, clergy and congregational services, financial and clinical operations, Graham presents workshops and provides spiritual direction/coaching to pastors.

Prior to coming to Samaritan, he served for 22 years as the pastor of Calvin Presbyterian Church in Zelienople, PA, where he tripled the size of the congregation and garnered national attention in several studies. One of these studies was done by by Diana Butler-Bass who included Calvin Church in her ground-breaking book, “Christianity for the Rest of Us.”

Graham earned his Ph.D. in formative spirituality from Duquesne University, his Master of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh, and his Master of Divinity from the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

(CHECK OUT Graham’s latest book.)

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A group for Christian clergy and Christian chaplains, certified by their professional association, who are interested in near-death and other mystical experiences.
This will be an educational session with a 5x NDE experiencer who’s last NDE left her wanting to be part of a church again. She will share how NDEs have changed her and what she is looking for in a church today.
Followed by a brainstorming session on what words might be helpful when inviting NDErs to share their experiences with you.
This may move you to consider new models and language of traditional Christian expression.
This meeting will not be recorded. It will be an hour in length, followed by an optional 30-minute time of pastoral conversation.  Lay people in your congregations/under your care who’ve had a near-death or other mystical experience might benefit from the Christian Sharing Group.
To receive an invitation to join this group please contact us here: Christian Clergy Contact Form – IANDS Sharing Groups Online
Feel free to share and invite Christian clergy who might be interested.

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