How to Communicate with Your Angels and Spirit Guides – Part 2

Active, Course, Meeting

Facilitator: Betty Guadagno

Language: English

Capacity: 90

Saturday, February 24, 2024

1:00 pm EST

1 hour 30 minutes

This event has ended



This three-part workshop will delve into different aspects of spirit guides, angels, archangels, and explore ways to connect with them.

In Part 2 we will learn about the different types of “clairs:” clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairgustance, and claircognizance. We will spend time practicing exercises to develop clairvoyance, from basic to visualization exercises (i.e., picturing an apple, picturing your room), to fun “psychic games” such as guessing numbers, colors, and objects the facilitator is picturing. We will discuss the importance of developing the clairs to create confident communication with the angelic realm. At the end of Session 2, we will continue our visualization exercise, this time receiving any messages our guides and angels have for us.

In Part 3, we will explore the many different methods available to connect with your guides and angels. The facilitator will focus on automatic writing, receiving visual messages, and receiving auditory messages with time for practicing each method. I will teach my personal steps to connecting, including centering oneself in the column of light, opening the heart center with gratitude, and calling in the angels and guides. Several other methods of opening the connection will be shared, including the light switch visualization. Participants will be encouraged to find the method resonates for them. At the end of Session 3, we will continue our visualization exercise, this time opening to guidance for how best to use our personal gifts in service to humanity at this time.


About Rebecca:

Rebecca Kastl is a pediatric speech-language pathologist, energy healer, and angel interpreter. In her twenties she underwent a life-changing spiritually-transformative experience in which she saw a beautiful light that spoke to her after accidentally devoting her life to God while writing in her journal. After this experience, she began seeing light inside everyone, having psychic dreams, feeling how connected we all are, and sensing and communicating with angels. She is a former total skeptic from an interfaith background who loves sharing about what she’s learned from her experience.


This will not be recorded. You must attend in person. The event will be interactive, in a meeting format.