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New Speakers Meeting Agenda

Please use this agenda to assist with interviewing potential speakers.
1. Introduce yourself with a short description of your role at ISGO.
2. If the speaker does not have experience with ISGO, give a short introduction to ISGO (our connection to IANDS, what we do, who are customers are)
3. Describe the event type and what is generally expected of the speaker. Be certain to include the duration of time that is provided and the different formats that are available (talk with interspersed Q&A, just Q&A at the end, etc.)
4. Invite the speaker to share what they want to talk about.
5. Invite the speaker to ask questions.
6. Set a date.
7. Share next steps: the Presenter Form will be emailed. The speaker should look over the form, gather information, and then revisit the form when they have prepared everything they need. It is best to submit the form once. An event will be created in the catalog when the form is sent. If the speaker wants a link to share they can copy and paste the link for the catalog description. About 2 weeks before the event email marketing will begin.
8. Reassure the speaker that we are here to make this an easy, pleasant experience. They should ask us any and all questions.
9. Howie Hibbs will send an email before the event that will have a special link for just them. They will need to keep an eye out for it and save it for the day of the event. If they lose it or can’t find it, they simply need to contact you at least one hour before the event.
10. One hour before the event, the ISGO team will meet with the speaker online via that link. We will make sure the sound, lighting, etc. are all good. We’ll answer any remaining questions. Then, we will all meet back online at the designated time. Some quick ads for upcoming events will be shared. Then we will introduce the speaker. Then the speaker will begin their presentation or talk.
11. After the talk, when Q&A is concluded, the ISGO host will wrap up and say thank-you’s. After that, the speaker is free to sign off.