Finding Your Purpose: A Divinely Orchestrated Path


Join our panelists as they talk about the unique dimensions, challenges, incredible moments of joy, and trials that are distinctive to finding our earthly mission. Have you wondered why you are here or perhaps you’ve had a metaphysical experience that left you feeling you were sent back for a purpose?  The diversity of the life paths in this group will be shared with you and the unity in perspectives that arose from the discussion of that diversity will be illustrative for all. THIS IS ONE NOT TO MISS!



from Participants at the July 4th, Sunday AM ISGO Sharing Group

Finding Your Mission: The Divinely Orchestrated Path

You will be amazed at how this group was able to crystalize the title of this event in a spontaneous sharing session at an early Sunday ISGO event on July 4. The diversity of lifepaths and experiences will be shared (including NDE, STE, ADC, and spontaneous related experiences). The realizations then emerged of how each of these individuals found a meaningful mission or missions from the journey to this point in their lives and are awe inspiring to hear all on their own.

Next… the coalescing of each of those unique odysseys to a very unified perspective on a greater reality that gives meaning and purpose to all of this.

Sound exaggerated?  Guess you’ll have to join us to find the degree of resonance from within for your own journey… This may be the most amazing event ever produced on ISGO… six life stories that can bring us all together!

Mary Ardam
Daniel Endy
Betty Guadagno
Debra Kaiser
Mike Martin
Chuck Swedrock

Event Announcer:
Angela Harris