Spiritual Reawakening, Unity Consciousness, and Connecting to Angels


“Nadine had a profound spiritual reawakening, and made a contract with angels, which lead to her third message of the light about creation strands. One of several light elements angels taught her to use, which led to an experience of unity consciousness. Through revealing their purposes and makeup, she will show how we truly are all one, and that God really is, All That Is. She will also explain the angels’ direct messages for humanity, and how others can connect to their guardian angels.”


Spiritual Reawakening, Unity Consciousness & Connecting to Angels
with Nadine Telishewsky

Throughout her teen years, Nadine had multiple angel visitations, saw past lives, a future vision, and was given messages from The Light. At age 24 she had an NDE, then experienced a difficult time with medical issues, aftereffects, and having no one to speak to about her experiences. After being judged and disbelieved by others, she stopped speaking about these experiences in order to fit into society.

After 16 years of silence, Nadine had a profound spiritual reawakening. She then asked angels to let her know what the biggest problem is that she might be able to help them with. Soon after she invited the angel of death and another angel to sit at her kitchen table with her, resulting in fascinating phenomena, while the angels spoke directly to her in this physical realm for the first time.

Then Nadine also realized she could astral travel whenever she wanted to after quickly bringing herself down into a meditative state. She thus began taking lessons with light angels in the light realm. One variety of light elements, that the angels showed Nadine how to use, are sixty feet long and called creation strands. The angels later revealed how she was going to be able to use these strands to create connections between people and their guardian angels.

As she progressed, Nadine was then able to experience what it is like to become different animals, trees, other forms of nature, or the cosmos via these strands, and eventually this led to having an experience of Unity Consciousness.

At this talk, Nadine will reveal the original purposes and makeup of the strands. She will also discuss how we truly are all One, and that God really is All That Is. She will also convey messages from the angels for humanity and how others can connect with their guardian angels.

This past year is the first time Nadine has been called to reveal these experiences of The Light and to include the offered messages of love, hope, and connection to others. She feels blessed to be able to do so through her new soul family of IANDS.

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