Scott Drummond

Title of Presentation
Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes. What He Saw in Heaven and How it
Changed His Life Forever!
For forty years, Scott Drummond remained silent about his life-changing NDE
that took place during a surgical procedure at age hrventy-eight.
Prior to his NDE, Scott was primarily focused on being successful in business
rather than spending time with his wife and family. But during his life review
everything changed that equation! Scott was shown how his misplaced
personal ambitions were self-centered and negatively impacting him and his
family. Though profoundly changed after his experience, several years later,
Scoft says he received an unmistakable wake up call when he and his friend
were tragically struck by lightening on a golf course. The traumatic event
reminded him of the gifts and goals given to him in Heaven; to always be
kind, and to always be of service to others. No longer fearing death and duty
bound be of service to others, Scott decided to finally share his story with the
general public to help mitigate their fear of death and dying during the
Covid-19 pandemic.
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Scott will describe his life before, during and after his NDE.
Presenter will share his NDE Aftereffects and how his impactful, life-changing
NDE completely altered his perceptions of life, family values
and professional life.
Scott will discuss how being struck by lightening a few years after his NDE
was a wake up call, reminding him of the gifts and goals he was given in
Scott will share the important lessons he learned while in Heaven, such
as the lmportance of being of service to others and to always be kind.
The presenter will describe the impact of finally receiving validation, education
and support of his NDE after 40 years.
Learners will be made aware of what circumstances led up to Scott having a
NDE, what happened once he left his body and what he experienced in
Attendees will learn how prior to Scott’s NDE his priorities were overly
focused on climbing the ladder to success in his business life to the detriment
of his family life.
Learn why Scott remained silent about his NDE for nearly 4}years, and what
factors played a role in helping him come forward with his story.
Presenter will share the value of how receiving validation, education and
support of his NDE after remaining silent for 40 years. lifted the weight of the
world off his shoulders.
Scott will be available for questions.
After 40 years of public silence about his spiritual experience, disabled
Vietnam Veteran, Scott Drummond finally decided to share his NDE from age
28. A filmmaker friend who knew Scott’s story, politely coaxed him to be
filmed sharing his NDE publicly. Once uploaded to YouTube, it went viral,
makino him an international sensation with over 17M views. Scott 2 ol4 v 112412022, 10:20 AM
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experienced Heaven when pronounced dead for 20 minutes, and no longer
fears dying, and wants to share his experience now to give hope and joy to
people who are struggling with the fear of dying during the Covid-19
https : l/www. fa ce bo o k. co m/s cott. d ru m m o n d . 7 7 5
Highest Degrees: Business Management (3 yrs.), Brigham Young University,
Provo, Utah
Most Current or most recent occupations:
80% Disabled Veteran
Retired Postmaster, Fillmore, UT, 2005
Relevant experience/publications/expertise related to subiect
Soon to be published NDE Book, 2022.
What Did This Man See When He Died for 20 Minutes?
by The Storyteller.
https:/lmedium.comllessons-from-history/what-didthis-man-see-when-hed ied-for-20-m i n utes-4ad 3cc 1 b9352
Educational Background:
Business Management, Brigham Young University.
US Army stationed in Germany, Postmaster, 1972-75.
Drafted Professional basketball, Germany, 1973-5.
FILM by Anthony Chene. The NDE of Scoff Drummond. Scott explains
how his NDR happened, and how it has changed his vision of life and
death. https://youtu. be/BTvEdwuJ ffig
Pronounced Dead for 20 Minutes – What He Saw and How it Changed His
Life Forever! Scott shares his amazing NDE and what he felt and saw when
he was pronounced dead for 20 minutes.!
His Life Altering NDE – Scott Returns To Answer More Questions 3of4 v l