Terms of Service

All courses must be registered and paid for prior to the beginning of any meeting, event, or course session. Once paid, there is a no refund policy for any single session event. However, if you signed up for a multiple session ISGO™ offering and you feel it’s not a good fit for you after attending the first session then email ISGO Support stating the issue and requesting that you be transferred to another ISGO™ offering.

With all ISGO™ courses, meetings, workshops, events or classes, mutual respect is needed at all times. It is imperative that all group members feel this is a safe platform to communicate and share. If a member within the group repeatedly compromises a safe and peaceful environment, they may be asked to leave that group and there will be no refund of session or subscription fees.

ISGO “Online Events” Registration and Payment Options

All ISGO™ course and event registrations, except for free sessions, have 2-tier pricing.  When registering for an ISGO™ course or an event, the participant will automatically be sent to a shopping cart system. If you are already an ISGO™ subscriber, at that point you will be able to sign-up for the event of your choice. If you are not an ISGO™ subscriber, you will be required to create an account.  An account is required, even for free public ISGO™ events.

Options for ISGO Event Registration

  1. General event sessions are free for subscribers and $5 per session for non-subscribers.
  2. Single theme / topic-driven sessions are $5 for subscribers and $10 for non-subscribers.
  3. Multi-session events are priced individually and listed separately in the ISGO™ catalog.

Note: All classes except webinars have limited in seating. If an ISGO™ event is not listed as “Open”, consult the syllabus or event description in the ISGO™ catalog. If an interest or qualifying questionnaire is required there will be a link to submit an application for that event. Once received by the event administrator, if admitted to the class, a link will be sent to register and pay for the class. Full payment is necessary upon receiving a notice of admission to the event. The applicant will be notified via email if a spot is not available.