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Please accept this brief note as testimony of the effectiveness and appreciation of the ISGO “zoom” meetings.

They are, for me, a tremendous help and resource. I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact they have had for me.

I experienced a life changing STE 16 years ago (as well as several other spiritual experiences). I’ve lost some close relationships due to sharing my experience and as a result, learned very quickly not to talk about these things with anyone.

And yet I’ve noticed that not sharing these experiences creates a form of isolation. It causes one to feel disconnected from friends and family. Keeping silent was however the only way to avoid rejection and avoidance.

The ISGO meetings have offered me a chance to talk about my experience with others without fear of ridicule. Equally beneficial is learning from others’ experiences and the fellowship I feel in the groups. And my impression of others at these meetings is that it is hugely beneficial for them as well.

So please accept my deepest gratitude for offering this platform for people like myself.