Archangel Michael’s Teachings & Journeys – w/ Nadine

Nadine Telishewsky


Facilitator: DanielEndy

Language: English

Capacity: 100

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

8:00 pm EDT

1 hour 30 minutes

This event has ended

 Archangel Michael’s Teachings & Journeys

Nadine’s 5th message from the light is all to do with Archangel Michael. After angels trained Nadine to work with energies and connections for a year on the astral realm, Archangel Michael then took her to war zones to connect with everyone there and imbue them with calm, peaceful energies, and to help alter the course of an event at a critical point.

Archangel Michael has a message for humanity about wanting to end all wars. Michael has given Nadine many inspirational messages and lessons from the light about hope, unconditional love, how to help heal the environment, how to be in alignment of heart, mind, and soul for manifesting, and how there’s no such thing as undeserving in the way we usually define it, the power of our words and beliefs, plus more.

Nadine will also reveal Michael’s information about angels, their purposes, how old they are, specific laws they go by, how they differ from humans, and more. Michael himself spent a day with Nadine and went over everything that was to go into this presentation, and much of this session are his exact channeled words.

About Nadine

Throughout her teen years, Nadine had multiple angel visitations, saw past lives, was shown how we can see each other as one and move towards world peace together, and saw a future vision of how destructive global warming will become. At age 24 she had multiple premonitions before having a NDE.

Nadine struggled with medical issues, after effects, and being judged or disbelieved, so she shut down her spirituality for many years. In February 2021 she had a profound spiritual re-awakening, resulting in direct communications with angels, the deceased, Mother Earth, and occasionally with God. As well as astral traveling to different realms, and experiencing unity consciousness. Angels also helped her release her trauma, and she learned how to successfully heal many of her own health issues before becoming an energy healer and spiritual coach.

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