Presence, Flowering, Flow- An Introduction

Ishtar Ishaya


Facilitator: Angela Harris

Language: English

Capacity: 100

Saturday, February 5, 2022

1:00 pm EST

1 hour 30 minutes

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Presence, Flowering, Flow- An Introduction
February 5, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST/ 10:00 am PST
An Introduction to Ascension Meditation with Ishtar Ishaya

We are welcoming back Ishtar Ishaya, an Ishaya monk. Ishtar aims to present techniques and knowledge that deepen and enliven the evolutionary process through many stages of the journey through a series of classes.  This initial session will be an introduction to the whole series of courses. This series of classes can be taken as a whole or a la carte, even as he has designed them to be taken as a flowing sequence. They can be divided into three facets of spiritual development:

-the discovery and immersion into Pure Awareness,
-the often dynamic healing of our body-mind-psyche,
-and the flowering into one’s fullest potential.

Of course, all of these developments overlap significantly, and also tend to repeat at different levels of depth. 

There will be 6 classes after this introductory session. These classes will be meetings where you will be able to see and talk directly with Ishtar.

Class 1 Relaxing into Presence- 

The most important element of the NDE is the conscious experience of a boundless, timeless, and deathless strata of consciousness.  The good news is that one need not die to return to this place. In my life, meditation proved to be the key to unlocking this door. Meditation is meant to be easy, a means of connecting to the deepest consciousness. In this initial module, I will teach several simple and effortless techniques of meditation.


Class 2 Seed Mantras: The Power of Sacred Sound- 

In this class, we will explore the power of the Sanskrit language, especially Bija mantras, to expand consciousness and affect healing. There are certain patterns of sound and thought that move the mind inward to the Source of all That Is, and Sanskrit mantras are among the finest and most universally effective.


Class 3 Opening to the Intuitive, the Re-enchantment of Life- 

Intuition is a completely natural faculty, as natural as any other. It need not be thought of as something radically different from the five senses with which most are familiar.  We’ve simply been taught to live in ways that dim the sense and constrict the intuitive flow. Even as intuition tends to naturally open with effective meditation, there are simple practices that nurture synchronicity and foster the opening of the intuitive. We shall explore several of these.


Class 4 The Soul Song- 

Each one of us is very much like a song. To live that song is our purpose. Our psyche is akin to the costume within the Divine Play. One of the most unfortunate side effects of deep identification as a separate self is the difficulty it adds to playing our part with any kind of fullness.  In this class we will explore some ways of learning to listen to the authentic music of the soul, tuning into the heart, and recognizing the purpose (Dharma) at the heart of life. Additionally, I will draw from my background as an astrologer, and present some of the major ways the Dharma is visible within the natal chart.


Class 5 Flowing in the World, Living and Manifesting from Presence-

My life has been filled with all sorts of synchronistic manifestations, and meditation practice has proven to be a highly effective and often unintended driver for these often wild occurrences. This is so because the more our minds and hearts settle into peace, the more clarity and power there is backing our desires. In addition to meditation practice, I’ve found success with a variety of techniques which I’ll be sharing. The highest enjoyment of this magic is not in getting what one wants, but rather the deep joy that comes from getting out of one’s own way as the soul song dances through life. 


Class 6 Coming Home- Meditation, Acceptance and Recovering the Shadow-

As one progresses with meditation practice, healing can happen with increasing speed, and it may not always feel smooth!  Inner doors begin to open that were long ago closed. Buried emotions are once again felt, the unconscious is brought into the fold of the conscious, and the sundered parts of the psyche can be welcomed back into the fold of the self. The goal of this class is to share knowledge and practical steps on this process.

As we walk this path, we may begin to find, like Dorothy, that we’ve all been home the whole time. This is the apogee of the refining of the intuitive faculty, and the deepest seeing of the heart. 

About Ishtar:

My childhood was filled with mystical and paranormal experiences, but the most impactful event was an NDE at age 13 from a car accident that also killed my beloved mother.  Perhaps the most significant aspect was total oneness with everything, the core of that state being a state of consciousness with many names: Samadhi, Turiya, Satori, the Peace that Passes Understanding. This experience hung on for several months before fading at the commencement of 8th grade. Getting back to that experience soon became the driving desire of life, a drive which found me living in an ashram at age 18, and finding my way back to the vastness I found through the NDE.  Helping other people to connect to this vastness (without the hassle of an NDE!) is a large part of my own life purpose.

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You can watch Ishtar’s story here: Coming Back to the Infinite Consciousness of the NDE, Finding it Everywhere – IANDS Sharing Groups Online