Tonya Swan


Facilitator: Dean Christensen

Language: English

Capacity: 100

Friday, April 29, 2022

8:00 pm EDT

1 hour 30 minutes

This event has ended

Tonya possesses a wealth of knowledge about the “other side” and is excited to share this with you on April 29th!

Tonya has been to the “heaven or spirit world more than 350 times and unlike most people, she didn’t have to die first. Tonya will freely share what she learned about our purpose for being here on earth and what the heaven realms are like.

Tonya’s passion for the spiritual side of life is reflected in her work over the past 15 years in hypnotherapy, past life regression, her book Heaven and Earth (How It All Works), and her life.

Have you ever wondered if…

  • There are people you are supposed to meet?
  • There is a soul mate or partner just for you?
  • You have a purpose or mission?
  • Things in your life are not a coincidence?
  • Someone is helping you. You can sense them but not see them?
  • Your life was planned out before you got here?
  • Helpers exist or am I in this game of life all alone?

Tonya’s life goal is to help us better understand how “the process” works and how fair and loving it is. Even though, it’s sometimes hard for us, as currently human, to fully understand and/or accept this.

HEAVEN AND EARTH    How it All works

  “I highly recommend you take the time to read and savor this book! In her own unique and deeply personal way, Tonya Swan has chronicled her soul’s journeys through the challenges of life and the splendor of time spent in the heavens between lives. After three near-death experiences of my own, not even I was privy to many of the things she described in her travels to the afterlife. I am deeply inspired by Tonya’s writings, and thank her sincerely for sharing this celestial truth and wisdom with the rest of us.”

Dannion Brinkley

International and New York Times Bestselling Author  of Saved by the Light