IANDS Launch Pad Series – Rob Pikula

Rob Pikula


Facilitator: Chuck Swedrock

Language: English

Capacity: 100

Saturday, September 5, 2020

1:00 pm EDT

1 hour 30 minutes

This event has ended

What does it mean to be a warrior soul?  as shown to Rob Pikula

This is my experience that I offer in the hope that it will help others on their journeys.

My spiritual awakening revealed darkness before light, and then light before dark long before I can remember. Learning that my soul had lived as light in Egypt times, I then decided to bounce into the darkness for purposes of learning how to transmute that darkness and clear the way for today.


Rob began his spiritual studies in northwest Indiana by studying many healing modalities for over 15 years.  For five years, he trained with a Naperville, Illinois medium-ship group,  Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts. These years of deep, deep meditation he has learned who his many guides are, why he can see, hear, feel them expressed through other energetical senses. Rob is certified as a Medical & Reiki Master, an artist, author and a metaphysical intuitive mentor utilizing his gifts.