Infinite Becoming – an NDE – May 20th – 1 pm ET

Angela Harris


Facilitator: Betty Guadagno

Language: English

Capacity: 450

Saturday, May 20, 2023

1:00 pm EDT

1 hour 30 minutes

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Immortal? Multidimensional? Genderless? Transcendent time-traveler? Yes. You are. How do I know? When I was in my forties I woke up in a profoundly different place where I remembered this basic truth that seems outlandish to even consider here on Earth. My NDE gifted me with a too-short remembrance of our existence apart from, and not limited by, the material universe; and, served as a catalyst for transformation and rebirth into a life with love at its core. I invite you to share in my heartfelt truth as I vulnerably reveal the complete narrative in rich detail.

An in-depth, descriptive retelling is what I have planned for you that includes sharing how I recognized my soul-guide that I’ve been talking to since birth. I also revisited my family and had a life review. You’ll also learn about prophetic peeks that have come to fruition. The real gem of this talk, though, will be the most transformative part of my visit back “Home”, which has been shared with only a select few. Slipping into the All of consciousness, I saw something that seems astounding. I saw myself in existence in other dimensions. I will explain what I looked like, where I was, how I knew it was me, and how that works.

I will also share my integration journey, and the discoveries I have made along the way. These discoveries include the acknowledgement that my NDE on 5/15/15 wasn’t the only time I have returned Home as Angela, acknowledging that I have been deeply connected to Source my whole life (and you have been too!), and a deeper and better understanding of the importance of staying connected to Source. I have also accessed my Soul’s name! These discoveries have four recurring themes, and I will share them with you. I’ll guide you through understanding why it’s important to:

-Be a Bell Ringer.
-Have a Fit Body for a Fit Soul.
-Keep Your Appointments.
-Take the long way home.

Let’s explore together the beauty and splendor of attracting, giving, receiving and nurturing life-affirming love. Together, for one afternoon, let’s revel in the joy and delight of this sensory experience of life. Love is the highest experience the earth has to offer. We naturally come with the skillset to elevate the human experience into this state, so let’s remember and celebrate fostering bliss and unity with your fellow humans through the message of the near-death experience.

About Angela

Angela currently serves as the volunteer Director of IANDS Groups and Events and is honored to do so. The IANDS community has served as a bedrock for her integration process, and she deeply loves everyone in this very special community. She also has experience supporting communities as an elementary school teacher, website designer, abolitionist, volunteer coordinator, and founder of a chapter of National Charity League.

Enjoying a quiet life in North Carolina, Angela fills her days outside of IANDS work with long walks with family, Pilates, yoga, qigong, ayurveda, sound healing, and cooking (the cooking is mainly because she really likes to eat!) On occasion, she squeezes in a good brushing for her collie that looks just like Lassie. Reading about all things spiritually transformative is a passion. And, taking lots of classes in anything adjacent to the spiritually transformative has become a habit. If you have a book or class to recommend (or just want to say, “Hello”), you can reach her at


This is a FREE event! To continue to bring you a wonderful experience, we thank you in advance for your kind donations as an exchange of love energy.



This event will be recorded. The recording is included free with your RSVP to the event. This event will also be available on YouTube on the IANDS YouTube Channel.