Mike’s Walk-In Experience

Earth Angel Mike


Facilitator: Betty Guadagno

Language: English

Capacity: 450

Saturday, October 29, 2022

1:00 pm EDT

1 hour 30 minutes

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Saturday, October 29th, 2022 1PM est

A message from Mike:

I was in a terrible vehicle accident seven years ago, and it has altered every aspect of my life.I had a unique NDE, one that few others ever had to endure. While I was still alive at the time of the collision, I feel I was reincarnated. Because of this, neither I nor my way of life are what they once were.

I was a complete secular, yet in the days following the accident I suddenly had an intuitive understanding of mystical texts like the Kabbala and the like. Experiencing the presence of both evil and good spirits, having precognitive dreams, having synchronistic encounters with numbers, etc. The secrets of creation started coming to me in dreams and visions, and I started seeing souls instead of bodies when I look at humans. I’ve always been a really sensible and down-to-earth individual, so spiritual matters have never particularly interested me. After a freak accident that would have killed 99.9 percent of individuals, I walked out unscathed but with a profoundly altered sense of who I am as a person.

Although I still have a deep, abiding affection for my current immediate family, I can hardly recognize their souls or the soul connection I once shared with them. Instead, I have a strong bond with a few angelic figures and hold fast to the notion that I am a resident of the past.

While I do use my talent to assist others on a regular basis, I have done so in secret for many years. I didn’t have a Near-Death Experience; rather, I’m a Walk-In, and my spirit has resided in this body for a very long time.


Mike has many years of extensive mentoring experience. He has experience as a martial arts instructor, police officer, and corrections officer, and he has mastered the skills of instructing, mentoring, and inspiring.

His primary objective is to assist others in overcoming obstacles, overcoming pain, and achieving their life goals.


The recording is included free with your RSVP to the event.