Mother Earth’s Messages, Future Vision & Angelic Teachings

Nadine Telishewsky


Facilitator: Chuck Swedrock

Language: English

Capacity: 450

Saturday, November 27, 2021

5:30 pm EST

1 hour 30 minutes

This event has ended

Mother Earth’s Messages, Future Vision & Angelic Teachings
11/27/2021, 5:30 PM EST

Throughout her youth Nadine had multiple angel visitations, saw past lives, had a shared NDE, was shown how we can attain world peace, and later had a NDE at age 24. She then experienced a difficult time being judged or disbelieved by others, and shut down. After 16 years of silence, she had a profound spiritual reawakening. This led to astral travels to various realms, communications with angels, the deceased, and God, releasing trauma, and working with light elements, amongst other experiences.

Nadine will be speaking of her second message from the light. At age of 15 she was sent to a future life to be shown a degrading state of Mother Earth, and how destructive global warming and natural disasters will become. This year she also had the pleasure of communicating directly with the beautiful ethereal being that Mother Earth truly is.

She’ll offer hope in how to change our path to heal Mother Earth, and therefore ourselves, by various means. She’ll also relay direct messages from our eternal Mother for humanity, accurate predictions from her, and some incredible or heart felt interactions with her. Finally Nadine will explain lessons from angels on how to manifest, how powerful our minds really are, about free will, how contracts work, and how nothing is set in stone.

This year is the first time Nadine’s been called to reveal all her experiences of the light, to offer messages of love, hope, and connection to others. She feels blessed to be able to do so through her new soul family of IANDS.