Northern Virginia IANDS Guest Speaker Webinar

PMH Atwater


Facilitator: Angie Willson-Quayle

Language: English

Capacity: 100

Sunday, November 22, 2020

2:00 pm EST

1 hour 30 minutes

This event has ended

Sunday, November 22 at 11 am PST (2 pm EST)
Guest Speaker: PMH Atwater

The Near-Death Experiences of Tiny Ones Challenge What We Think We Know About Life, Love, God, Reincarnation, Babies, Suicide and Much More!

About Dr. PMH Atwater

Dr. Atwater has written 18 books on Near Death Experience and related topics based on her research on nearly 5,000 adults and children.  She is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies.  Some of her findings have been verified in clinical settings, among them the prospective study carried out in Holland and published in “The Lancet” Medical Journal. She herself experienced 3 NDEs over 3 months in 1977, which turned her life around.  Shortly thereafter, she became a researcher because of what she was told to do during her third NDE by what she calls “The Voice Like None Other.”  All these years later, she continues to be guided by The Voice.  She has won many awards and traveled the world – always inviting people to look past appearances for the truth that underlies what we think we know.

PMH is the daughter of a police officer and was raised in a police station.  As a consequence, she uses police investigative techniques as her protocol in her research.  Her father always said: “The body says more than the mouth does.”  As such, she never uses prepared or computerized questions, which puts me at odds with the so-called “scientific protocol.”  She believes her method makes her work more thorough.

In Dr. Atwater’s own words: “I am now working on my 19th book – a challenge to my life, my death, my research.  I’ve never written a more personal book than this before.   As a child, other realms were familiar to me.  As an adult, I went to Idaho’s Attorney General and incorporated INNER FORUM, an organization devoted to the exploration of esoteric, metaphysical topics, and spiritual transformations.  Inner Forum ran for 7 years.  During that time, well over 3,000 people availed themselves of classes, studies, experiments with altered state of consciousness, psychic phenomenon, out-of-body experiences, and so forth.  You name it and I did it.  For a time, I was a medium.  At that time, I was also employed as a bank analyst and technical writer.  I don’t usually talk about my experiences because my research comes first, but I will if it will help others.”  For more information on PMH and her books, visit

A Northern Virginia IANDS Event! – Facilitator, Angie Willson-Quayle, PhD

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