“Why Are There Monkeys?” — the TRUE story of the STRANGEST & FUNNIEST NDE EVER! by Seattle IANDS

Brooke Jones


Facilitator: William Hibbs

Language: English

Capacity: 100

Saturday, May 8, 2021

4:30 pm EDT

2 hours

This event has ended

Brooke Jones Book

Brooke Jones’ just published Memoir, “Why Are There Monkeys? (and other questions for God)” is a deeply inspirational, laugh-out-loud funny story of her near-death question & answer session with God. And she knows her Divine Experience really happened because she given proof that no one could deny! One minute she was alive. The next minute she was dead! That should have been the end of her story, but it was only the beginning. Eight minutes passed here on Earth while she was busy being dead, but she wasn’t “on Earth.” She was at Heaven’s “Front Door” interviewing God! She asked every question she could think of; God provided the answers, and the first thing she learned is that God has a sense of humor (well of course God has a sense of humor — have you ever seen a Platypus?) Join us for a fun afternoon on Sat. May. 8, 1:30 pm PDT (4:30 pm EDT).

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Brooke Jones