Awakening with Norma Edwards

Norma Edwards born in Guyana, South America, embarked upon a truth-seeking spiritual journey of transformation. Three continents, seven countries and eight spiritual teachers later she has emerged as a powerful change agent. Her 27 years of service on the planet has transformed hundreds of lives.

After a Near-Death Experience brought on by a medical emergency four decades ago, Norma Edwards awoke “with conscious memory and literally, a ton of questions. I had just reviewed my life and made discoveries that did not at all fit comfortably into the belief systems with which I had been raised. My journey to find the real me and seeking the truth began on that winter’s day in London. My search soon drew my very first life coach into my life. A ninety year old Wisdom Keeper on the planet and we fell in step.”

Norma Edwards born in Guyana, South America, embarked upon a truth seeking spiritual journey of transformation. Three continents, seven countries and eight spiritual teachers later she has emerged as a powerful change agent. Her 27 years of service on the planet has transformed hundreds of lives using her Reprogram Your Life (RYL) coaching process. RYL’s process has been effective in prison re-entry where she worked first as a volunteer and later as a Federal Contractor transforming the consciousness of ex-offenders. In the private sector, she has brought sustainable change into the lives of many with her spiritual approach to Life Coaching.

Her journey of transformation has led to her purpose which she is living out by way of transformational services in coaching and substance abuse intervention.

She pioneered the Reprogram Your Life principles of transformation which is a minority owned business with the mission to raise humanity’s consciousness levels and seed 21st Century energy here in America. This energy is here to wake us up, to release fear, and bring alignment that empowers us to become Masters of our destiny.

Dr. Edwards now from South Carolina, works as a Spiritual Therapist, Certified Life Coach, and CEO of Reprogram Your Life. Norma is married with five children, eight grandchildren and a life filled with many real life stories of awakening and beautiful memories of spiritual transformation.

Awakening: Rev Dr Norma Edwards: 9781955156561: Books


How To Let Go of Pain

You’ve believed in pain’s realness more than your ability to overcome it. Realign your beliefs with truth and let go of the idea of pain once and for all.

JClay presents:



Saturday, October 1, 2022 

The goal of pain is death. To believe in pain is to withdraw belief from yourself, which is an extension of love & life (pain/death’s opposite). Furthermore, to believe in pain is to attempt to make real that which could never be. How painful is that? It is essential to realign your beliefs with truth so that you may live a love-filled and life-filled life.

You will learn:
– How people unknowingly manifest pain into their lives
– Why do people ever start believing in pain
– How to release the belief in it for good
– How to give that release to others

Let go of the idea of pain and embrace your true nature.

About JClay

JClay is a spiritual teacher and rap artist that makes music to heal even the most reluctant of minds.Awarded the Mental Health Advocate of the Year award by Healing Black Women, JClay is one of the leaders of the spiritual hip-hop movement.

His recent album “IAMNOBODY, IAMSOMEONE”, has been endorsed by industry & psychology professionals, music fans, and is being heralded as a key tool in healing the mind. “The way JClay is able to break down the mind-body-soul connection in song-form in reference to healing is truly remarkable.” —Dr. Nicole LePera, Holistic Psychologist. As one fan said, “If Jesus rapped, it would be this.” JClay is thrilled to change how music can be used to heal for good.

You can find JClay here:

Instagram: @jclay1st

This event will be recorded. The recording is included free with your RSVP to the event.

Chuck’s Retirement Party

Share your words of gratitude for this wonderful person who is a central figure in building IANDS Sharing Groups Online.

Chuck Swedrock’s Retirement Party
May 27th, 2022  8:00-9:30 pm ET 

Chuck is hanging up his IANDS hat. It’s time to celebrate him! Share your words of gratitude for this wonderful person who is a central figure in building IANDS Sharing Groups Online. Without his dedication over the last four years, ISGO would not be the success that it is. We’ll have his friends sharing their memories, anecdotes, and gratitude. This will be interspersed with a few fun games and some fabulous music.

Karen Michelle and Dean Christensen will entertain throughout with his wonderful music.

Karen Michelle

Dean Christensen
Free to everyone.

A Day for Peace

You are invited to join us to foster peace across the globe. Be a part of a mass intention healing. Don Hoes will gently guide you to meditate or pray in your own way for peace. Listen to some of our community’s wonderful artists perform Spirit guided music. Plus, our entire community, including you, will be encouraged to share your messages on peace, unity, love, and compassion.

A Day for Peace

March 19, 2022  
Starting at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT
The Mystic Chics
Cathy Gabrielsen
Don Hoes
Dean Christensen
and Nadine Telishewsky!

Help us raise the vibration of humanity and send out loving intentions across the globe for peace.

1:00-1:30 pm ET The Mystic Chics will start us off with fun, inspiring music.
The Mystic Chics – A new genre of healers

Cathy Gabrielsen will lead us in a mass intention healing for peace.
Gabrielsen Healing Center

1:30-3:00 Don Hoes will help us harness the power of meditation to connect to Source.
3:00-3:30 Share you own messages for peace with our community while you enjoy a musical interlude.
3:30-5:00 Nadine will host an interactive session where she will share the messages she receives from archangels for attendee reactions and comments! PLUS, create a Peace Quilt! She will guide you to create a quilt square infused with you personal message of peace for the world. She’ll sew this ethereal quilt together in the astral realm and deliver it to a very special place.

5:00-5:20 Cathy Gabrielsen will lead us in a mass intention healing for peace.
Gabrielsen Healing Center

Dean Christensen will round out this fabulous festival with his wonderful music.
(1) Dean Christensen – Musician | Facebook

Free to everyone.

Love Is All You Need – a free online 12-hour webinar

Join an IANDS Sharing Groups Online event to start this year by manifesting it as the year of transformation. Let this be the year that individuals heal from fear of … you name it! A great combination of Music and Experiencer Sharing has the power to make this the year that transformation is not just a dream but manifests as the message incorporated by all that resonate with “LOVE is the only answer…”; the only energy that transforms and heals fear in all it touches. RSVP now to be there Saturday, January 1, 2022, 10 am to 10 pm EST – a 12-hour free webinar, to come and go as you choose.

An ISGO Musical Lovefest and Guest Appearances
a FREE online New Year’s Day 12-hour free webinar
to start the new year with a musical feast and resolutions that
2022 is the Year, the time is Now when…!

“Love Is All You Need”

Featuring: Envigorating Love Messages via Sing-Along-Songs [Ad-free] interspersed with sharing affirmative messages from near-death and similar experiences that reveal a consistent message of love and transformation. There will be regular breaks for audience submitted resolutions on how to have 2022 be the year of manifesting this theme.

Use this event to help build and manifest your personal
Vision Board for 2022

A NEW YEAR’s Day free event from 10 am to 10 pm EST with
— lots of high energy, positive theme music (sample**).
— cameo appearances from guest speakers w experiencer msgs.
attendee live hourly submissions of affirmative resolutions.
an emailed version of compiled messages and affirmations.
— an invitation to join the 2022 ISGO Masters Council, a periodic sharing group, that will meet to develop strategies and specific approaches for implementing this 2022 theme and related affirmations & resolutions.

Add your affirmation in the comment area (“Other Notes” section, top right of final checkout page) when RSVPing for this event or send an email to

Your RSVP is good all day long to come and go as you please… and be sure to tell others in your community about this marvelous opportunity.

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click here.