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Find an IANDS Group Near You


Welcome to IANDS Local Groups

IANDS groups can be found in communities around the world. Our local groups meet in person (when appropriate) to talk about and share near-death experiences, questions about death and dying, and the latest information from NDE research. IANDS Affiliated Groups serve near-death experiencers by providing understanding and information to those who have had such experiences. Groups also offer education and discussion of near-death and related experiences to the general public in a supportive, accessible setting. IANDS Groups allow freedom of interpretation of NDEs and similar experiences and do not proselytize any single point of view. They provide support to NDErs, not therapy. While fostering the free exchange of ideas through open discussion, the Group safeguards the stability of its participants by refraining from demonstrating or teaching techniques which are known to be emotionally hazardous for some individuals.

How are local groups different than IANDS Groups and Events? 

First, you can meet like-minded people who live near you. You will have an opportunity to meet with your groups once per month in a live in-person setting. While all IANDS groups adhere to the IANDS membership rules, each group develops it’s own unique personality and traditions. Local group meetings can feature a speaker and a sharing group time. They can also be just a place to share. You will find the same warm, welcome community you find in our online sharing groups, but you will be able to have all of the benefits that come with meeting in-person.


Use the listings below to find the group nearest you. If you do not see your country, state, or city listed it is because no one has established a local group affiliate there. If there is no group convenient to you, we can help you start one. Please click the button below to learn about the process of becoming the founder of an IANDS Affiliate Group.


 Note: Meeting dates, times and places are subject to change. Always check with a local group contact to confirm.