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IANDS Groups & Events Benefits

Learn about the great benefits of IANDS Sharing Groups

Our groups and events are much like a face-to-face IANDS group, only that it is conveniently available to you online. You can:

*Relax, share and gain knowledge in the comfort of your home with like-minded people.

*Meet exciting new people around the world.

*Feel safe and confident to share and explore in a caring community. Each group is guided by a certified facilitator to promote respect for individual uniqueness and experiences.

*As an initiative of IANDS, you will have access to the highest quality information available about near-death and related subjects in the world.

*With your IANDS membership, receive bonus discounts on all groups and events!

The IANDS model for creating a safe sharing space was created by a mental health professional and an ACISTE certified coach. The process is regularly reviewed and improved, while the core processes have been retained, and in some ways improved on, in the online format.  A key to the quality that is emphasized for all of our offerings is the presence of a trained, certified IANDS facilitator. The facilitator keeps the events flowing smoothly while maintaining a calm, safe environment. To emphasize the small group atmosphere, the seating limit for most sharing groups is 35 participants.  

Our certified facilitators go through a rigorous process to ensure that they feel supported as a facilitator and well-prepared for providing a safe space that provides ample opportunity for discussions that remain centered upon spiritually transformational topics. Our sharing groups are warm and welcoming, while also allowing privacy. If you choose to stay silent with your video off, you are welcome to do so. You may be invited to participate, but you are under no obligation to do so. Join us when you are ready.

We are so happy you here. We look forward to seeing you in a group soon.