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IANDS Groups & Events Benefits

IANDS Groups and Events Benefits
Our groups and events are much like a face-to-face IANDS group, only that it is conveniently available to you online

*Relax, share and gain knowledge in the comfort of your home with like-minded people.
*Meet exciting new people around the world.
*Feel safe and confident to share and explore in a caring community. Each group is guided by a certified facilitator to promote respect for individual uniqueness and experiences.
*As an initiative of IANDS, you will have access to the highest quality information available about near-death and related subjects in the world.
*With your IANDS membership, receive bonus discounts on all groups and events!

The IANDS model for conducting this type of peer-group, smaller size events is based on over 30 years of providing in-person, on-the-ground sharing groups. This proven approach emphasizes the benefits of sharing personal experiences in a safe, caring, predominantly listening environment. This model has been retained, and in some ways improved on, in the online format. A key to the quality that is emphasized for all of our offerings is the presence of a trained, certified IANDS facilitator. The facilitator keeps the events flowing smoothly while maintaining a calm, safe environment. To emphasize the small group atmosphere, the seating limit for most ISGO small groups is 20 participants.