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2024 IANDS Symposium - IANDS Annual Symposium

In a shared death experience (SDE), a caregiver of a dying loved one has a sense of participating in the loved one’s transition to an afterlife. The experience can take any of several forms and typically has a profoundly positive effect on the caregiver. In this Symposium, we will take a deep dive into this fascinating and often very meaningful phenomenon. You will hear directly from several experiencers as well as from medical, spiritual/religious, and mental healthcare professionals about their experiences with SDEs and how to be most helpful to experiencers. Although this event is for anyone with interest in the subject of SDEs, licensed counselors and some other healthcare professionals who attend will be able to earn up to six hours of continuing education. Join us for what is sure to be an informative and inspiring day.

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Are you curious about what happens when we die? Have you had a spiritually transformative experience? A warm, welcoming community meets here to learn and share about the afterlife, consciousness, and other related topics.

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In-depth discussions with top researchers and experiencers about spiritually transformative topics. In the live event you can meet and talk with these extraordinary presenters to get your questions answered. Our videos are full of the same great information. Learn and grow with us! Can't make a live event? Catch up on past presentations here.
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Are you struggling with your experience or with grief?

IANDS has a list of supportive mental health providers. If you are a near-death or related experiencer who is considering counseling or psychotherapy or who is looking for a psychotherapist, you may find one by clicking the button below. If you are a mental health provider licensed in the U.S. who has had special preparation to work with clients with transpersonal experiences, and you would like to apply to be included on IANDS’s Listing of specially trained mental health providers, you can find the application by clicking the button below.
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