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Live Talks

Join us for in-depth discussions on trending topics with top researchers and experiencers. You are invited to ask questions via the Q&A feature.

Sharing Groups

What happens when you die? Have you had a near-death or similar experience? Are you in search of an understanding community? Share your story, learn from others, or just listen in these safe spaces of hope and validation.

Book Club

You don't have to read the book to participate! Authors talk about their extraordinary experiences and answer your questions. Book club is held on Thursdays or Sundays.

Series and Courses

Learn about near-death, out-of-body, shared-death, spiritually transformative, and other extraordinary experiences. Also find solutions to aftereffects, pre-birth memories, parenting as an experiencer, and other issues in classes led by certified ISGO facilitators.

Video On Demand

Each Video On Demand (VOD) is a recording of a live talk held on ISGO. Catch up on past presentations. Search by topic to learn about your interests. Can't make a live event, find it in Videos On Demand. When you buy a webinar the video is included free!

Our local peer-to-peer sharing groups are a great way to meet people near you who are like-minded. Are you ready to join an in-person group? Find out if there is one near you.

ISGO Community

You are invited to join our Facebook Group. It is a private group so your posts will not be seen by anyone outside of the group. Anyone with a sincere interest in near-death and related experiences is welcome. It is a place for the ISGO community to connect, share, and find out about our latest events and sharing groups.

Personal Accounts

Read accounts of the spiritually transformative that were written by the experiencer. These NDE accounts were submitted to the iands.org website and are published there anonymously.

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IANDS members from around the world have diverse views on many topics. As an organization, IANDS is neutral and does not align itself with any particular social, religious, or political ideology. We promote respectful dialogue.

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