Special Featured Event!
May 15th at 1:00 pm EDT
Huna Wisdom with Lono Ho'ala

In the legend of the ancient Mo’o tribe, the original inhabitants of Hawaii, when the dark skin brother meets the light skin brother at a time when the message of Spirit can fly around the world as if on the wings of a bird, a great healing will come to all. Hear how Lono’s near-death experiences transformed his life and has him being part of fulfilling this prophecy, in a role that is an example for us all to be part of this undertaking.

Brooke Jones Book
May 12th at 8:00 pm EDT
Steve Weber
Presented by Dallas/Fort-Worth IANDS

Steve Weber was riding his Harley one day in 2015 when he was broadsided by a large SUV and spent the next three weeks in a coma. Upon reflection during his recovery, he realized that experiences he at first didn’t recognize as otherworldly were in fact a visit to another realm, a domain he now talks about with deep passion. He tells of traveling to a place where time did not exist, where people are spirits, and where in bliss he learned the wisdom of the universe, coming to understand the connection of souls, the continuation of consciousness, and the inter-communication between realms.

Brooke Jones Book
New Series with Small Groups Discussion Option!
May 15th 5pm EDT
Personal Mediumship

with Maren Muter

We are all mediums? How and why does that work?

In Chapter Two with Maren, she brings us closer to the other side of the veil as Maren discusses our direct connection. How our body is a magnificent conduit to the worlds around us; the worlds seen and unseen. We will learn what this means in regard to those that have passed on, past lives, near death experiences, and all forms of after death communications.

May 22nd 1:00 pm
Pre-Birth Planning
Creating the Life You Envision

with Mark Pitstick

Why do bad things happen? Did God or ‘the devil’ make it happen? Is it karma? Do you have a role in major events that occur during your visit to earth. In this experiential session, you can recall why you may have pre-planned certain possibilities – including sad and difficult ones – during this earthly experience. This technique uses deep relaxation, visualization, and help from your angels, guides, and the Light. You can revisit your soul’s plan to gain more peace, clarity, and empowerment about how to best live here and now. You also can ‘change the script’ based on your more evolved energy and understandings. Join us for this incredibly powerful life changing experience. Learn how to consciously and wisely co-create your life instead of feeling like a helpless and passive victim of fate.

Brooke Jones Book
IANDS Book Club
May 27th at 7:00 pm EDT
Kelvin Chin

Marcus Aurelius has nothing on Kelvin Chin! Or, perhaps the two have had a melding of minds across the centuries! Regardless, both have proven to be masters at helping people overcome the challenges of life to be their best selves possible. Join us for an inspirational discussion and tips that will leave you invigorated!

A Story That Could Change Your Life
May 29th at 1:00 pm EDT
The Atheist and the Afterlife
with Ray Catania

What would happen if an atheist visited the afterlife? Once an atheist, now a psychic-medium, Ray will be discussing his life story, which includes a tumultuous, traumatic childhood and young adult life, NDE, and massive transformation from a total nonbeliever, to a gifted, psychic-medium, and spiritual mentor, on his wondrous path toward enlightenment. Ray Catania is the author and publisher of “The Atheist and The Afterlife – an Autobiography”, as well as a Master Certified Life Coach, Master Usui-Reiki Instructor, and Certified Meditation Instructor. He has a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Parapsychology from the University of Sedona, and is in the process of completing his Ph.D. Ray is also a psychic-medium; with abilities he continues to work on and develop with two highly accomplished psychic-medium mentors.

Brooke Jones Book

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