Setting Up Audio and Video

Tips and Hints for interactive sessions where you and others are on camera… (see additional suggestions on the bottom of this page if music or videos are being shared).

It always helps to have a reliable and fast internet connection, however there are configuration choices that help the responsiveness and quality of your session even for slower speed connections:

    • It can really help by turning off competing apps (start by rebooting if possible) to purge buffers/cached data and left over files from other applications.
    • Closing other computer programs / apps helps speed up the connection.
  • For interactive/dialogue sessions where you will engage in conversations on camera:
    • Find and look directly into the camera on your device… newer mobile phones will work okay if you have a good cell phone service provider and strong enough signal.
    • Speak into your device’s microphone and ask if you are being heard clearly. Some people purchase a separate device such as a plugin headphone or earbuds for clearer sound.
    • To adjust the volumes on the microphone and speakers separately, go to “Audio Settings” by clicking on the up-arrow “^” on the right of the mic image (bottom left of the Zoom screen) between the mic icon and the camera icon.
      [It can help to come to the ISGO™ meeting early to test your sound and camera with others before the session starts.]
    • Be on time (or, even 10-minutes early). For sharing group events, plan to be there for the entire session. Building trust with others in your group is important. It may be off-putting and disruptive if someone leaves the session midway through … or … joins in the middle of a session.
    • Remember, to have proper lighting especially around your face. Place your laptop or computer in a room that is well lit. Having clutter behind you can be distracting. If necessary, put a screen or panel behind you.
    • Speak clearly, and loudly into your microphone when interacting with others. Also, be sensitive by allowing others equal time to share.
    • Finally, smile and have fun with your online ISGO™ participants and new peers!

Improving reception quality if music or videos are being shared and interactive dialogue is not required during that portion of an event:

  • Turn off your camera … if your device is not sending an image, the bandwidth for receiving the music/video is enhanced.
  • Adjust your volume (see “Audio Settings” above) if the sound is distorted and unclear … especially for music featuring loud instruments… tuning the speaker output can make a big difference in the quality of the reception.
  • Follow the other configuration tuning steps at the top of this page (reboot, turn-off other apps, etc.).

More information can be found on the Zoom support page. Once your system is set up, visit the Zoom test page to check your connection.