Setting Up Audio and Video

  • Make sure you have a fast internet connection. Close other computer programs and apps, which will help speed up the connection.
  • Find and look into your computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad camera. Cell phones can be used but are not recommended as many phones are unreliable for video conferencing.
  • Speak into your device’s microphone. Most people purchase a separate device such as a headphone audio set for better sound.
  • Come to the ISGO™ meeting early to test your sound and camera with other participants.
  • Be on time (or, even 10-minutes early). Plan to be there for the entire session. Building trust with others in your group is important. It may be off-putting and disruptive if someone leaves the session midway through.
  • Remember, to have proper lighting especially around your face. Place your laptop or computer in a room that is well lit. Having clutter behind you can be distracting. If necessary, put a screen or panel behind you.
  • Speak clearly, and loudly into your microphone when interacting with others. Also, be sensitive by allowing others equal time to share.
  • Finally, smile and have fun with your online ISGO™ participants and new peers!

More information can be found on the Zoom support page. Once your system is set up, visit the Zoom test page to check your connection.