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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How to Join an Event

Important notice:
"Join Event" links grant access to the event starting 30 minutes of the scheduled event time.
You must join within 10 minutes after the start time.

Join from the event page:

1. If you have RSVP'd for an event, you can sign in to the ISGO website and visit the same page for the event that you used to RSVP.

2. Thirty minutes prior to the event the meeting ID and password will be displayed along with a join link. If a password is listed, make note of it or copy it.

3. Click on the link and follow the instructions to enter the meeting.

Join from the email confirmation:

1. If you have RSVP'd for an event, you will receive an email confirmation.

2. There is an invoice within the email. At the top of the invoice, just below the title of the event, is a link titled, "Join Event." Click on this link.

3. The ISGO event page will load. Either follow the directions to sign in and then join the event, or click the blue link that says, "Join event."

Join immediately after purchase:

1. Immediately after your purchase you will see an invoice page.

2. Within the Product portion of the invoice, immediately beneath the title, is a link titled, "Join Event." See the graphic in the "more details" link below  to see where the link appears on your receipt email.

3. Click the link and follow the directions to join the meeting.

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Haven't signed up yet?

You have a few options. If you are an IANDS member at the Supporting level or above, enter the email address for your IANDS account in the registration form above to receive a free ISGO Subscription.

If you are not an IANDS member, you can still sign up for a free ISGO account using the registration form above. See steps here:  https://isgo.iands.org/faq/

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How do I join a Sharing Group or Event?

You must be signed into "IANDS Groups & Events" page for your event link to work, whether it is in the email or on the ISGO event page.

From the Email Confirmation

1. A Join Event link is sent to you in your email confirmation.
2. Look at the middle of the box with all the text.
3. Find the navy blue words, "Join Event."
4. Click on that link and it will take you to the page in the image below.

From the IANDS Groups & Events

1. Log in to the isgo.iands.org website.
2. Go to the same place you purchased your event (ex: webinars, book club, etc.).
3. Look for your event.
4.. When you find your event you will see a blue button that says, "View Your Registration." Click on that button.
5. The link will be generated 30 minutes before an event. You will find this link on the event page at the top of the page.

Please note that the "Join Event" link will only be live at 30 minutes or less before the event start time.

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What are the different types of Groups and Events?

IANDS Sharing Groups Online is a safe place to learn and share about near-death and related experiences. Even though we are communicating as a video conference, your connections in the group will soon become trusted friends and peers you can share safely and with confidence!

What Type of Courses, Events or Sessions are Available with IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO™)?

IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO™) consists of sharing groups, theme/topic-driven sessions, courses, book clubs, and live events.

Sharing Groups are open meetings where all participants can see and talk with each other. They are managed by a trained facilitator who helps keep the conversation going, while also making sure everyone is invited to speak if they are ready to do so. Anyone can speak and talk about any topic related to near-death. This can be sharing your own experience, talking about a book you've read, or posing a question. Open session are available to anyone in the order of signup and may have waiting lists if filled up. Check out our sharing groups.

Theme / topic sessions are  sharing group meetings with a specific theme. As of the writing of this post, we offer Jewish, Christian, Distressing, Military, and Clergy themed groups. Anyone can join that has a sincere interest in learning and discussing near-death information and experiences within the confines of the theme. Check out our theme sessions.

Series/Courses are a group of events presented by an individual partner or partner organization. There is a syllabus that guides the progress of the courses, which all tie back to NDE and related experiences. Each course in the series occurs once per month on the same recurring day and time. Check out our courses.

Book Club occurs once per month and is a smaller meeting event where the participants can interact with the author. Find a book club event.

Live events are single-event offerings with named presenter(s) and possibly live panelists but the audience is in listen-only mode (can include Q&A text submissions). We feature experiencer stories, topics that are important to our community, and fun seasonal events.

In addition, we will be offering exclusive one-time, special events. All of these are available to the public but offered to current ISGO™ subscribers at a discounted rate.

Find an Event

And be sure check out the Videos-on-Demand library featuring recordings of past events plus bonus free videos...

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What are the event prices for members vs non-members?

Subscriber Benefits / Event Pricing​

Regular Account SUBSCRIBER** Account
General Open Sharing Sessions $0 / Session $0 / session
Theme / Topic Group Sessions $5 - $10 / Session $0 -$5 / Session
Standard Webinars (single session) $15 $10
Sponsored Webinars (single session) Fee set by provider 20 to 50% discount
Courses* (multiple-sessions) Fee set by provider 20 to 50% discount

* Courses are individually priced and normally have an early bird discount.
** Subscriber accounts have an IANDS Membership at the Supporting or higher level.

Click here to see the catalog of current ISGO™ events.
Click here to see the available Videos-on-Demand library.
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Help for Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am signed in?

1. Go to the upper right of your screen. Hover over “My Account.”
2. If you need to sign in the bottom line will say, “Sign In.”
3. If you are already signed in, the bottom line will say, “Sign Out.”