Frequently Asked Questions



You must have an ISGO account to RSVP for events.
There are two options for your account:

1.  Free Account

1. Simply create an account and you may begin purchasing events and videos.
2. You pay regular rates. To get discounted rates you will need to purchase an IANDS Supporting membership. Please see how to get an IANDS Supporting membership by reading the Subscriber Account information below to learn how.
3. You can use coupon codes.
Here are the prices for events at the Free Account level:

2. Subscriber Account

1. This account requires an account at the Supporting membership level or higher.
2. You will get discounts on all events.
3. If you have one of these accounts already simply sign in to ISGO with the same username and password for your account.
4. If you wish to purchase an IANDS Supporting membership you will need to leave and visit

Benefits of an IANDS Supporting Membership:

  • Vital Signs, IANDS quarterly magazine filled with information about NDE’s, current research, articles about related topics, and news about IANDS.
  • Member E-News services that notifies you via email about breaking research, article publications, media coverage of NDE’s, member benefits.
  • A near-death or near-death-like account chosen because of its uniqueness or general interest will be sent to you each month.
  • Annual IANDS Conference Registration Discount.
  • Large discounts on NDE education materials including DVDs and MP3 CDs from IANDS past and recent conferences.
  • Access to members only sections of the IANDS website.
  • Unlimited access to NDE Periodical Literature.
  • A free link to a past IANDS conference talk.

After your membership is created at IANDS, navigate back to and sign in with same username and password you used to create your membership.

Here are the discounted ISGO prices for the Subscriber Account level:

Video Tutorial For How to Setup an ISGO Account

Video Tutorial For Smart Phone ISGO Account Setup

Once you have signed into your ISGO Account you can make a purchase. Follow these instructions:

1. Go to the menu at the top of any page and click on Meetings and Courses.
2. Use the dropdown menu to choose Find An Event or Event Videos On Demand or Book Club. You may also use the search box to type in the title of specific event or event type.
3. Click on the title of an event or video.
4. Proceed through the entire checkout process. An email confirmation will be sent to you with the event link in the email.

NOTE: if you are attending a free event you must complete checkout as if it were a paid event. No credit card information will be required.

The RSVP link can be found in two places:

  1. An email confirmation is sent to you immediately after your purchase is complete. The email link is in the body of that email. The link will be active in the 30 minutes preceding the event.
  2. Each event autoloads the event link to your account when your purchase is complete. You can find the event link on your event’s page at anytime before the event. The event link becomes live 30 minutes preceding the event.
  3. What if I want to use the meeting ID and password? The meeting ID and password become available within the 30 minutes preceding the event. You will need to visit your event’s page to see the meeting ID and password.
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How to RSVP for an ISGO event
Top Tip:  You must be signed in to your account.
1. Sign in or create an ISGO account if you have not already.
2. Login and click Find an Event, under the Meetings & Courses menu.
3. Then click “RSVP Now” next to the event you would like to attend.






How to set a preferred Timezone for displaying ISGO events?
At the top right of the Find an Event page, use the pull down menu to select your timezone. NOTE: Cookies must be enabled.






How to search for a particular Event type
1. Go to the menu at the top of any page.
2. Click on “Meetings and Courses.”
3. Use the dropdown menu to click on “Find Events.”
4. At the top of the next Find an Event page, use the  dropdown menu next to “Event Type” and select either “Course, General Session, Theme/Topic Session, or Webinar”.  Or, you can type it into the search box .
5. Click the blue magnifying glass to execute the search.


How to play a Video on Demand?





How to access Video on Demand
1. Go to the menu at the top of the page.

2. Click on “Meetings and Courses.”
3. Use the dropdown menu to click on “Event Videos On Demand.” All VOD choices will be available on the next pages. Click on a title to access the video description and purchase option.
4. If you purchased the live event: the video will automatically load to your account within 72 hours. Find your live event title on the VOD pages. Click on it.  The video play box will be at the top of the next page.

How can I support ISGO?