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#1 TIP
#1 TIP



#1 TIP

We recommend that you open a second page to follow these directions. Then you can go back and forth between the directions and completing tasks.

Laptop Directions:

1. On a laptop go to the top of or side of the screen and click the plus sign. This will open a second window. Go to again on this second screen.
2.You can then go back and forth between the windows by clicking on the tabs at the top of or on the side of the screen.

Phone or Tablet Directions:

1. On a phone, you can open a new screen by clicking the double squares in the bottom left of your screen.
2. Find these by quickly running your finger across the screen in a top to bottom direction.
3. Click the plus sign to get a fresh screen.
4. Do the same motion to get back to the list of screens you have open.

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