Frequently Asked Questions


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How to RSVP for an ISGO event?
Ans: The first step is to create a unique ISGO account!


How to set a preferred Timezone for displaying on ISGO event descriptions?
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How to search for a particular Event type (Webinar, General Sharing Group, Theme/Topic or Course)?

How to play a Video on Demand?

How to access Video on Demand after an RSVP registered video is loaded or a video is purchased from the Videos on Demand catalog?



What is an ISGO Subscriber and what are the benefits of that status?
1. An ISGO Subscriber is an active IANDS member at the Supporting or higher level (join here).

2. ISGO Subscriber benefits (normally, rare exceptions to these prices may occur).
2.a  General Sharing Sessions – Regular $5; Subscriber $0.
2.b  Theme/Topic Events – Regular $10; Subscriber $5.
2.c  Webinars (subject to special event pricing) – Regular – $15, Subscriber $10.
2.d  Courses – individually priced, normally with an early bird registration discount plus the Subscriber price is typically 20 to 40 percent cheaper than the quoted Regular price.

How can I support ISGO?