Dr. Nicole Gruel

IANDS Board Member, 2018-
ISGO™ Lead Facilitator and co-Developer
Author, Speaker, Transformational Coach

Dr. Nicole Gruel is an author, speaker, transformational coach, specialist in NOTEs (non-ordinary transcendent experiences), and descends from a long line of samurai. She combines experience in teaching, international development, healing arts, counselling, Eastern philosophy, depth and transpersonal psychology, sacred ceremony, and creative expression to inspire grounded personal transformation and intentional collective action. She has spent over two decades exploring human potential after a near-death experience and sudden loss of several family members initiated her journey into the non-ordinary realms and how ordinary people deal with extraordinary experiences. Her mission is to help people shine brighter.   website: www.drnicolegruel.com

Tamara Caulder Richardson

AKA “Southern Belle Medium”
6x NDE’r, Evidential Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Minister, Spiritual Teacher

Tamara is a 6x Near-death experiencer, a “mental and physical” and, an evidential psychic medium and channeler of Jesus. She gives readings around the world via Skype, demonstrates her mediumship on stage with her show, Messages from Heaven, to audiences throughout the US for large events for; the Southern Women’s Show series, Levity Live, afterlife conferences and for charitable events such as; Relay for Life. Tamara was seeing and communicating with spirit people at the age of three. She was born with many spiritual abilities but feels her six near-death experiences greatly enhanced her gift of mediumship, psychic abilities, remote viewing, channeling ascended masters and saints in the heavenly realm. Tamara also does trance and transfiguration. To master her psychic medium gifts, she has trained with evidential mediums in the “British Style of Mediumship” with John Holland, Janet Nohavec, UK’s Tony Stockwell, and certified as an Advanced Psychic Medium, by International Medium, Lisa Williams. Tamara’s fun-loving and evidential “Southern Belle” style of mediumship uses humor and love to create a space for healing to take place. Mrs. Richardson is also writing her first book about her near-death experiences called, Love from Heaven – My Six Near-Death Experiences, the Gifts I Received and the Wisdom I Learned. Tamara is also an Ordained Christian Minister and is the director of IANDS Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). For more info go to: www.southernbellemedium.com

Chuck Swedrock, BSc Comp. Sci., MBA

IANDS Board Member, 2005-2011, 2017-
ISGO™ Lead Moderator and co-Developer
IANDS Groups Coordinator and Technology Committee
ACISTE Life Coach

Residence: Arizona
Co-facilitator of Tucson & Central AZ IANDS Groups.
Occupation: Retired Information Technology Specialist