ISGO™ is an acronym that stands for IANDS Sharing Groups Online.  A pilot sharing / discussion group was conducted from April to September of 2018. The participants in that group did not want the pilot to end!

The IANDS model for conducting this type of peer-group in over 30 years of providing in-person, on-the-ground sharing groups emphasizes the benefits of sharing personal experiences in a safe, caring environment.  This model was sustained, and in some ways improved on, in the online format.

The key to the quality that will be emphasized for ISGO™ offerings is the presence of a specifically trained, certified ISGO™ facilitator. Training classes are available for individuals interested in becoming a certified ISGO™ facilitator.

The availability of general session groups is scheduled to begin in October 2018. Additional theme / topic level groups will follow shortly thereafter.

Specialized groups will be available periodically and run as courses (specific number of sessions) and one-time webinar format groups (guest speaker(s) w a listen-only audience using a text entry chat box for Q&A).

Check back frequently as more and more offerings will become available after the ISGO™ catalog is installed. These offerings will include:

– Different language groups: currently plans are underway for having sharing groups in French and in Spanish – with more to follow (would you like to take the facilitator training course to offer a group in another language? – indicate this interest when you join / update your entry via Click here to join the ISGO™ mailing list!).

Theme / Topic groups:  will have designated facilitators for an area where the Theme is for different audiences (e.g. nurses, veterans, energy healers, researchers, …) or to cover a different Topic focusing on a specific subject (e.g. living with an experiencer, adjusting to aftereffects, after-death communications, spiritually transformative experiences, …).

 ISGO™ Courses will be offered as a fixed number of sessions with syllabus descriptions similar to theme/topic categories with subject matter instructors that have taken ISGO™ facilitator training.

Click here to see sample ISGO™ session and course examples and to learn how you can become an ISGO™ subscriber today!

Staying in touch with these dynamic offerings and watching for planned access procedure updates will be available through announcements to the ISGO™ mailing lists. To join one or all lists, click on the following link:

Click here to join the ISGO™ mailing list!