IANDS Sharing Groups Online (ISGO™) is a global online meeting space created for near-death and other experiencers of the extraordinary that meet online to learn, share and grow.

ISGO™ is open to anyone with a sincere interest in respectfully exploring, understanding and communicating about various topics including near-death and related experiences.

The ISGO delivery platform provides four different formats for gathering online …
1. General Sharing/Discussion Small Groups** – emphasizing a listening environment placing participants at ease for sharing and/or hearing near-death and other similar extraordinary experiences.
2. Theme/Topic Small Groups** – having a specific group or topic as context for a facilitated discussion focused on the announced subject matter.
3. Webinars for notable guest speaker presentations to a larger listening-only audience and generally with access to post event recordings for later review or sharing with others. A text chat interface also provides an interactive Q&A option for live events.
4. Courses for classroom style events led by subject matter proficient instructors.

** The IANDS model for conducting this type of peer-group, smaller size events is based on over 30 years of providing in-person, on-the-ground sharing groups. This proven approach emphasizes the benefits of sharing personal experiences in a safe, caring, predominantly listening environment.  This model has been retained, and in some ways improved on, in the online format.  To emphasize the small group atmosphere, the seating limit for most ISGO small groups is 20 participants and the sessions are usually smaller than the that limit.  See participant feedback responses by clicking here… Testimonials.

A 5-month pilot sharing / discussion group was conducted before launching the ISGO platform small group events this year. The original participants in that starter group did not want it to end!

Another key to the quality that will be emphasized for all ISGO™ small group offerings is the presence of a specifically trained, certified ISGO™ facilitators. Training classes are available for individuals interested in becoming a certified ISGO™ facilitator.


Go to https://isgo.iands.org/faq/ for a quick overview including pricing and tips on how to find and RSVP for an ISGO event.

Check back frequently as more and more offerings will become available and shown in the ISGO™ catalog.

– Different language groups: currently plans are underway for having sharing groups in French and in Spanish – with more to follow (would you like to take the facilitator training course to offer a group in another language? – indicate this interest when you join / update your entry via Click here to join the ISGO™ mailing list!).