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How To Create An Account


1. You will need to choose a subscriber plan type. There are two: Subscriber or Free.
2. Your subscription level will determine the price you pay for an event.
3. You must be signed in to your account for your subscription to be activated.





This plan requires a membership of Supporting Level or above with IANDS.org. To sign up for an IANDS Supporting Level membership, please use the “Go To IANDS.org” button below. Please note, you must use the same email for both accounts.

Our Subscriber Plan gives you discounts on webinars and video on demand, as well as most other events. See the table below for discounts. Plus, you'll get all the great benefits of belonging to IANDS most popular membership level.

benefits of IANDS Supporting membership

The Supporting membership level is the most popular level. It provides the extra financial support IANDS needs to accomplish its mission, including research into NDE and related experiences. Your support also benefits experiencers on their journey as they integrate their experiences, provides important information for professionals and helps educate the general public about NDEs.

Join at IANDS.org Supporting Membership or higher to get ISGO.IANDS.ORG discounts.

Below is a detailed list of benefits you will receive at IANDS “supporting membership” level.

1. Vital Signs, our quarterly magazine, is filled with information about NDEs, current research, articles about related topics, and news about IANDS.
2. Our Member E-News services notify you via email about breaking research, article publications, media coverage of NDEs, and member benefits.
3. With the Monthly NDE e-mail service, each month you will receive a near-death or near-death-like account chosen because of its uniqueness or general interest.
4. Annual IANDS Conference Registration Discount on NDE educational materials, including discounts on DVDs, MP3s, and CDs from past and present IANDS conferences.
5. Access to members only sections of the IANDS website.
6. A subscription to the Journal of Near-Death Studies, a peer-reviewed scholarly publication that is published three times per year. This journal serves as the central repository for the most current research on NDEs. Typically included in each issue are articles by global scholars, book reviews, and letters responding to content from previous editions.


With the Free Membership plan, you may access IANDS Groups and Events by creating your free account.
For access to more material, please consider signing up for the Subscriber Plan. This plan provides you with $5 discounts on events and videos and $3 discounts on book clubs and courses. Plus, you enjoy many additional benefits of being an IANDS member. Please see the infographic below for pricing.

How To Create An Account

How To Create A Free Account

It truly is free to create an account. You will not need any payment information to set up your account but you will need to pay for webinars, courses, series, and book club.

1. In the upper right of your screen you will see a button titled, "Sign In". Click that button.
2. You will enter your email address.
3. Click Submit.
4. Check your email for a premade password. Copy and paste it into the password box on the isgo.iands.org website.
5. You can reset your password to whatever password you choose.

How To Create A Subscriber Account

I Have A Supporting Membership or Higher

1. In the upper right of your screen you will see a button titled, "Sign In". Click that button.
2. You will enter your IANDS.org membership email address .
3. Click Submit.
4. Check your email for a premade password. Copy and paste it into the password box on the isgo.iand.org website.
5. You can then reset the password to whatever password you choose.

I Need To Create An IANDS Membership

1. Click the button below to go to IANDS.org. You will leave the isgo.iands.org website.
2. Choose your membership level. Please remember that you must have a Supporting Membership level or higher to get discounts at isgo.iands.org.. That is the $65 membership. There are lots of amazing benefits!
3. Complete your purchase.
4. Return to isgo.iands.org.
5. Sign in with the same email and password you used to create your IANDS membership. It can take up to 24 hours for the membership to process.