How to Join an Event

First: Have you signed up for an ISGO account? There is no cost to create an account. Simply go to:

Next: Did you RSVP for the event you’d like to Join? If not, please click on this link:

Then: When it is time to join the event (or to just check out the steps to do so)…

ISGO uses the Zoom video conferencing service to host meetings and webinars. To join a Zoom meeting or webinar you will need the meeting ID and password for the event. These can be found by visiting the page where you RSVP’ed for the event just prior to the start of the event. The link to this page is in your order confirmation email.

There are three ways you can enter an ISGO Zoom event as described below. Videos covering setting up and using the Zoom client can be found on the Zoom support pages. See also Setting Up Audio and Video. Once your system is set up, visit the Zoom test page to check your connection.

Joining from the Event Page

If you have an RSVP for an event, you can log into the ISGO website and visit the page for the event. 30 minutes prior to the event the meeting ID and password will be displayed along with a join link. Click on the link and follow the instructions to enter the meeting.

Joining Using the Zoom Client App or Browser Extension

Download and install the Zoom meeting client or extension for your operating system or browser. Start the client app or extension and click on the “Join a Meeting” button. Enter the meeting ID and password found by logging into the ISGO event page.

Joining from the Zoom Website

If you have your meeting ID and password, you can also join directly from the Zoom join page.