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Mette Thygesen

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We have established a group of near-death experiencers who meet online every Monday from 17.00-18.00. Will you join us? Please visit to learn more.

Other Information was started by people with an interest in and knowledge of near-death experiences (in Danish NDOs).

We have different backgrounds and approaches to the subject. Some are experiencers, others are researchers. Together we have the same purpose: namely to spread knowledge of near-death experiences, as well as the science associated with the phenomenon.

Who are we?

– Tobias Anker Stripp, doctor, Reiki master and PhD student, is one of the few Danish researchers within NDO. He is the initiator and co-founder of the NDO group and manages the website You can read more about Tobias on his website

– Mette Thygesen, M.Sc.Polit and trained in Transbiological Trauma Therapy, is a near-death experiencer herself (has had a NDO herself). She is a co-founder of the Danish NDO group and manages the weekly and monthly group meetings

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