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We use the name ‘Limen’ from the Latin word for ‘Threshold’

Service Area

Flanders, Belgium


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Regular Meeting Times

Each spring and fall we organize in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, a meeting day that we announce on the site and newsletter in a timely manner.

Meeting Location

Each meeting is in a different province, to find out which one is on turn and where check our website.

Other Information

Our goals are to provide and disseminate information about Near-Death-Experience (NDE) and other related experiences, organizing lectures and meetings for all those who are interested in these phenomena. Mutual insights during various contacts. Discussing perimortal events, experiences of consciousness, out-of-body experiences, posthumous communication and life crisis phenomena. Deepening the knowledge of these experiences  through scientific and historical research. But above all: the respectful  reception and guidance of all those who have had an Near-death experience  or a related experience or wish to know more about it.

Our Dutch sister organization NetworkNde, in cooperation with us, publishes “Terugkeer naar Levenslicht” a quarterly magazine with Nde-related news, stories and reports to our members.

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