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Service Area

Budapest and surrounding communities


Putnokiné Piroska, +36 20 319 5625
1077 Budapest, Baross tér 18. I. Floor 7th
Mailbox address: 1660 Budapest, Pf .: 434th
Tel: +36 (20) 319-56-55
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Regular Meeting Times

For information, please contact Putnokiné Piroska, +36 20 319 5625.

Meeting Location

Budapest, Baross tér 18-Floor 7th, 1077 Hungary

Budapest, Baross tér 18-Floor 7th, 1077 Hungary

Other Information

On October 22, 2016, we expanded our range of public benefit activities with a new group. The purpose of the session series is to provide an opportunity for conversation and expression for people who have experienced a Near-Death and similar experience — and who have not been able to process this event fully, or place it in their lives, or simply want to help their fellow human beings, as a result of the experiences.

What we can offer
emphatic spirituality, a company of like-minded people, support from professionals, healthcare workers, and
a milieu to get this unique experience to its right place, and to support the experiencer to use it for the benefit of his/herself and others.

About the background

In 1975, Professor Dr. Raymond Moody published his first and world-famous book on the subject, “Life After Life,” in which 150 people, who experienced Near-Death experiences, give an account on their experiences. Professor Moody visited Hungary in 1997 as one station on his journey to collect case studies and he interviewed two people. One of them was Tibor Putnoki, the founder of our Foundation, who had a near-death experience in 1994. However, the turning point not only had a peremptory effect on his life, but also – in a unique way – he was able to stand by others in order to carry out the task for which he returned: to set an example of how to live differently, and act differently by walking on the path of active love. He founded the predecessor of the Light of Love Public Foundation in 1995, whose members now operate not only in Hungary, but in many countries around the world. Most of the people in the groups of the Foundation have not had near-death experiences, but its message is professed by all.

Operating as a non-profit organization since 2000, our Foundation places the main emphasis on the preservation of physical, mental and spiritual health and the prevention of diseases. We offer various techniques that thousands of people have learned about in Hungary and beyond, over the past two decades. Our activity is voluntary and free. In 2015, the American IANDS organization, which focuses on research about Near-Death experiences, invited Tibor Putnoki as a speaker, and in recognition of his authentic and exemplary work, he not only received another invitation to the 2016 conference, but the organization raised the Light of Love Public Foundation to a Hungarian co-organization.

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