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The ICLOBY FOUNDATION, (international consciousness lobby foundation), born as a result of its founder’s NDE, wants to improve the world in which we live, acting in training, research, and social action, with the support of science, conscience, and social commitment. We are a foundation composed of scientists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs committed to improving the world we live in and promoting a change of consciousness.

Service Area

The ICLOBY Foundation will have research, education and groups in Madrid and Barcelona and online in Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, and Chile


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Regular Meeting Times

ICLOBY FOUNDATION believes that there is no change of conscience without social action, that is why it promotes
* has grief support groups
* specialized in suicides prevention and support to families v accompaniment in NDE
* assistance to socially excluded groups
in public-private alliance whenever possible.

Meeting Location

Meeting information coming soon

Other Information

We have agreements with different Hospitals, Universities, and companies.

We are managing a Master in Sustainability at the University of Barcelona with the agreement of a school in Shanghai. In addition, we are going to organize with Grupo Mexico, which has won the first prize for social projects, on November 30 and 31, the 1st Euro-American Congress of Consciousness and Well-being in Mexico.

Alejandro Agudo, who translated “The Self Does not Die” into Spanish for IANDS, is planning on having in-person meetings in Madrid and Barcelona and possibly other cities that express an interest in Spain.

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