Quarks of Light, An NDE… “What I saw that opened my heart.” w/Rob Gentile


For Rob Gentile, dying was the easy part. After a massive heart attack and NDE, his wife said he was like an exuberant child, wanting to tell everyone about his encounter with her brother, “Frosty”, who had taken his own life seven weeks prior. It was the message he received from Frosty that gave him hope and prepared him for what was yet to come!


Quarks of Light, A Near-Death Experience
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with author Rob Gentile

At age 56, Rob A. Gentile had a massive heart attack, flatlined for 20 minutes, and had a profound NDE. On his journey to a heart transplant, his body gave out again, and he entered what he describes as the Ethereal.

In this discussion, he shares how he saw and became part of a gigantic interactive web of twinkling lights, that binds us all, covering the Earth and that stretches into infinity. He realized that each light represented a life, and if he hurt himself, he hurt everything connected to him, but if he loved, the light would spread.

He shares how we are all connected, our real identity, and how God both expresses and experiences life through us. He came back with the understanding that we are spiritual beings, living inside these fragile clay vessels we call bodies. These revelations have enriched his life, giving him a new perspective on his disabled daughter and helping him realize that how we allow the Divine to express through us is all that really matters.