The Coming Age of Miracles – 2025 – The Year of the Big Reveal


This four-part series of classes will look at the years 2025-2032 from the perspective of what many are calling the “Awakening.”  But what exactly is the Awakening and what does it mean for the future of humanity? 

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Most of us can feel it. Things are building to a crescendo. Change is in the air. The Shift is underway. People are awakening to many long-hidden secrets. NDEs and spiritual teachings are flooding social media sources. 

Franco Romero, author of the bestselling book, “The Closet Spiritualist,” has information that he feels compelled to share with the world. He resisted his awakening and he resisted the knowledge that was originally given to him until he couldn’t resist it any longer. He then came out of the spiritual closet and wrote the story of his journey of awakening. 

What is coming?  Will AI take over? Will the authorities finally allow ET/UFO disclosure? Is the long-awaited Spiritual awakening ready to blossom? Will it be disasters and more war? Or will it be the dawn of the golden age? And, will you be ready?

Join us to learn about Franco’s new 4-part Course designed to prepare us for “The Big Reveal and the Coming Age of Miracles.” Franco will give us an introduction to the deeper knowledge and wisdom needed to be prepared for what’s coming in 2024, 2025. and beyond.

In this initial webinar, Franco will give us an overview of what is coming to help us prepare for 2025 and the next 8 years of transformation culminating in the 2030s.

This introductory webinar will cover the following: 

      • Who is Franco and who are his guides? 
      • Who is the Divine Collective? 
      • What is coming?
      • What is the Age of Miracles? 
      • What will be covered in Franco’s upcoming 4 Webinar series?

The 4-part series of classes are:

      • 1 – Who are you? – Sat. Feb. 10th
            • Who are we really?
      • 2 – What is Reality? – Sat. Mar. 9th
            • What is this world?
            • What is reality?
      • 3 – What is your purpose? – Sat. Apr. 13th
            • Why are we here?
            • What’s the point of all of this?
      • 4 – What’s Next? – Sat. May 18th
            • What’s coming?
            • How can we prepare?




About Franco A. Romero, MA, MPH

Franco is a Top 10 bestselling author, clairvoyant, spiritual coach and speaker.  His first book is titled “The Closet Spiritualist” which was inspired by a near-death experience that left him clairvoyant.  Abilities he was unwilling to recognize until an Awakening in 2010 where he was re-introduced to a collective consciousness known as Caleb.  A Voice which has been guiding him since he was a young boy.

Franco is currently writing his second book titled “The Modern Day Alchemist” which looks at our future from the perspective of God Consciousness. A science of the mind that is only now being revealed to humanity for the purpose of creating “heaven on earth” in the coming decade.  Franco holds two masters degrees and is co-founder of MyNurish, the formulator of a powerful, superfood and plant-based nutrition for the body, mind, and soul.



Anthony Chene’s Profile of Franco:

This event will be recorded and available to view on our Videos page 3-5 business days after the live event.