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Steps to Sign-in for MTAI Class #2

Screen Images of the sign-in steps for TUESDAY, JANUARY 4 at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT)
for class #2 of the 8-week MTAI course with Debra A. Kaiser…

Step 1: Sign in











Step 2a: When ready click on this link to go to the event page.
(You may want to scan the screen images below first.)
Step 2b: Type “ac2of8″ in password prompt text box to open the event page.













Step 3a: Click on “Add to Cart”, then…
Step 3b: Enter password “ac2of8” as the coupon text to reset cost to $0.00.
























Step 4a: Click on “APPLY COUPON” to reset Total to $0.00
Step 4b: Click on the blueProceed to checkout” button.













Step 5a: Click here to now step through the sequence shown in the screen prints above
Step 5b: Finish the checkout procedure to receive the “Join event” link… try the join link as soon as checkout is complete!

Thank you for your tolerance of this one-time “extra steps required” procedure to join this event!