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I was just guided to IANDS in March of 2020. Prior to that I wasn’t aware of anywhere to contact for information on NDE studies or experiences, and felt very lost about my own NDEs and loss. Although it took me a couple months to actually get the hang of zoom; I started to attending the ISGO groups. I felt very welcomed and was relieved to hear others who have similar experiences, and others who have different experiences. These groups have been a lifeline and a Godsend to me (No pun intended)… I feel very connected to others in the groups and look forward to seeing them; I love that we can connect with people in all different parts of the world to share our commonality, and sense of being.
My positive exchanges with people I’ve met and connected are invaluable to me. I feel and believe that ISGO Sharing Groups have greatly enhanced my spirituality, my curiosity to feel safe and explore my own NDE experiences, and my overall sense of being. These sharing groups have really taken away false beliefs that I was told in the past about NDE existence and inspire me, both creatively and scholastically; as well as socially. I could go one quite a bit – as I’m finding it difficult to keep it brief!!! IANDS/ISGO has greatly impacted my quality of life, and my outlook on life in an amazingly positive way.
My hope is that the ISGO Sharing Groups will continue, as I would greatly miss not being a part of them, and I would also miss that overall connectedness and oneness.
I’m very grateful to be included in these groups.