Volunteer Rewards

Welcome! We have 7 levels of volunteer rewards. Please log 1 hour on the Track It Forward app for every 1 hour of volunteer work you complete, including attending meetings. When you reach a new level, the app will alert you and send us an email. We will then send the new coupon code to you or help you arrange the meeting or session of your choice.

Level                                                        Hours         Reward

IANDS President’s Club                   200             Unlimited free events and videos
IANDS Visionary                                 150              Free Session or Lunch w/a Rockstar
IANDS Ambassador                           100              4 Free events or videos/month
Platinum Volunteer                           75                Free Session or Lunch w/a Rockstar
Gold Volunteer                                    50                 3 Free events or videos/month
Silver Volunteer                                  25                 2 Free events or videos/month
Bronze Volunteer                               10                  1 Free event or video/month

Lunch with an NDE Rockstar

Peter Panagore:  2 meetings

Kim Clark Sharp:  Unlimited Lunches

PMH Atwater:  Unlimited Meetings (no more than 2 per month and between 11:30 am and 7 pm eastern) CAN be in person, she lives near Charlottesville VA

Jim Bruton:  3 Coffee Chats

Sessions w/ Master Healers, Intuitives, and More

Rebecca Austill-Clausen:  1 free session per person, Receive a 1:1 sixty minute online session with Rebecca that can include Reiki, a guided meditation, and/or exploring how to bring more joy and LOVE into your life. Home (rebeccaaustillclausen.com)

Ginny Jablonski:   3 Human and Animal Intuitive Sessions, Heart of the Horse

Keyaunoosh Kassauei:  2 Emotional Intelligence Coaching Sessions,Life Coaching | Fairfax, VA – My Conscious Coaching Group

Ray Catania:  3 Spiritual Clarity Coaching Sessions, Enlightenment | Limitless Coaching

Cathy Gabrielsen:  3 Reiki Healing Sessions or Reiki Training Sessions, Gabrielsen Healing Center