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IANDS Volunteer Inquiry and Rewards


We’re so happy you’re here! We always have lots of open volunteer positions that suit a variety of interests and availabilities. We’d like to talk with you soon to help you find the right fit for you. You will find a volunteer contact form below. Please use this form to tell us a little about yourself.

Volunteer Rewards

We have a great volunteer rewards program! We have fantastic rewards, and we use a simple app that you can use from your favorite device to log your volunteer hours. You simply log one hour for one hour of volunteer work and meeting attendance. When you reach a reward level, the app will alert you and send us an email. Our volunteer coordinator will then send the reward code to you or help you arrange the meeting or session of your choice with one of our fabulous community members. Want to learn more? Contact us through the form below.

Sessions and Lunches
***Please schedule these sessions through our volunteer team.

Peter Panagore: have a lunchtime chat with Peter.

Kim Clark Sharp: enjoy talking, laughing, and learning with Kim.

PMH Atwater: meet virtually or in-person with community icon PMH.

Jim Bruton: enjoy a coffee chat with Jim.

Rebecca Austill-Clausen:  Receive a 1:1 sixty-minute online session with Rebecca that can include Reiki, a guided meditation, and/or exploring how to bring more joy and LOVE into your life. Home (

Ginny Jablonski:   1 Human and Animal Intuitive Session, Heart of the Horse

Keyaunoosh Kassauei:  1 Emotional Intelligence Coaching Session,Life Coaching | Fairfax, VA – My Conscious Coaching Group

Ray Catania:  1 Spiritual Clarity Coaching Session, Enlightenment | Limitless Coaching

Cathy Gabrielsen:  1 Reiki Healing Session, Gabrielsen Healing Center

Using Track It Forward to log your volunteer hours:
Please set up your account on a desktop or laptop. To add hours, you can use Track It Forward in the app, on a mobile device, or on a desktop or laptop.  To learn how Track It Forward works, please visit their FAQ page: Volunteer FAQ (

Here is the link to go to our Track It Forward account:

Longtime Volunteers:
If you have been a longtime volunteer for IANDS/ISGO, then you can add an estimated number of hours that you have volunteered over the last twelve months. For example, if you are a local group leader who spends an hour at every local group meeting and spends about two hours preparing for that meeting then you will log 36 hours for your initial set of hours. Then, you will continue to log 1 hour for every volunteer hour thereafter.

If you need assistance with obtaining or using a reward or with using Track It Forward, please contact your IANDS/ISGO team leader. You can also email us at