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The Power of Thought

After engaging in a never-ending custody battle, Loretta became severely depressed and began contemplating suicide. Her desire to relieve her suffering led her on a

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Is It Safe To Die?

Angry, bitter atheist encounters God, Heaven and hell during a surgery where she was pronounced “Clinically dead”, with life support removed. God gave her a

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Archangel Michael’s Teachings & Journeys – w/ Nadine

Since 2021, Archangel Michael has increasingly given messages and lessons of the light to Nadine. He has many inspirational messages of hope, how to manifest, the power of words and beliefs, how to heal the environment, information about angels and humans, and more. Michael also did work on the astral realm with Nadine, taking her to war zones, to connect to and imbue everyone with peaceful energies, to alter an event at a critical point. Michael then gave a message to humanity, regarding ending all wars.

Author Spotlight: The Closet Spiritualist – Franco Romero – on 5/24 @ 7 pm ET (free)

Free Webinar: Recent author Franco Romero’s new book “The Closet Spiritualist” has received critical acclaim as a 2022 Global Book Awards Finalist. His writing journey was spurred on by his guides, known collectively as Caleb. We will learn about this excellent new book, its vital and transformative message, and how Franco’s guides worked to help him get it published. Few of today’s spiritual teachers share the raw and intimate details that led to their personal enlightenment like this book does.

The SoulPhone Project: Why That Makes It Even More Important to Know and Show ‘The Great News’ in Your Life

Are you and your loved ones ready for widespread awareness — based on much scientific, clinical, and experiential evidence — about this and other magnificently life-transforming news?  You can prepare yourself, family, and friends for the predictable personal and societal shifts.

7 Steps to (Re)Connect to Source

Life can be challenging. What if we could learn to take a time-out at will, experiencing deep peace and the profound Love that is our Source? Life can be a much easier and more joyful experience when we access direct guidance from spirit to help us navigate the pitfalls of this human realm.

Bravely Connect and Channel Wisdom Through Your Spirit Guide

Bravely awaken your psychic gifts with internationally renowned psychic medium Sheila V. Discover how to confidently connect with your spirit team and transform your life.

Coma NDEr, EL Serumagas Profound Experience, Hear It To Believe It!

EL survived an unsurvivable situation with a less than 1% chance of survival. She believes we were created with the ability to heal or improve our bodies and overcome environmental issues which damage or change our DNA. She feels called to share her amazing story in order to help empower others spiritually and scientifically. Attend and ask your intriguing questions via Zoom.

In the Realm of Death & Dreaming – The Movie

In this documentary director Johanna Lunn guides viewers on a journey to discover if consciousness continues after death by exploring personal stories of near- death experiences, deathbed visions, and more. She speaks with leading clinicians and researchers who have spent their careers studying these experiences and the nature of consciousness. Like birth, death is one of the most extraordinary events in life.

Young Girl Meets God Face-to-Face

In 1981, a fourteen-year-old girl dies during a routine procedure. She meets her guardian angels and God, changing her life forever. Presented by DFW Friends of IANDS.

Sound, Frequency, Resonance Panel

Join 3 panelists as they share their research, lived experience, and history of sound, frequency and vibration.

Healing Ourselves and Our World w/ Daniel Endy

Healing is central to life in the physical. Each of us is called to assist in the healing of others and we also often find ourselves in need of healing. In this IANDS Event Daniel will help us understand the many forms of healing and the best practices for anyone who wishes to be an energy healer.

This product is FREE and can be viewed with this Direct link to YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgntHW7ubbs&t=167s

ENJOY the Greatest Life YOU Have Envisioned

I invite you to join us and learn how to increasingly know and show ‘The Great News.’  You deserve to enjoy an optimal earthly experience and the world is just waiting for you to share your greatest gifts.  Every aspect of your life can change for the better when you remember that this earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever.

The Power of Thought

After engaging in a never-ending custody battle, Loretta became severely depressed and began contemplating suicide. Her desire to relieve her suffering led her on a spiritual journey as she began searching out near death experiences on YouTube and found an incredible story that changed her mind and therefore changed her life.