A Lifetime of Uncommon (Yet Natural) Miracles


The miraculous may just be a natural part of our life… and spiritual gifts can be learned. It is possible to have heightened connection to the Divine within us without having “an NDE”. Come hear some of the amazing ways that you too can learn to find and trust that connection.


A Lifetime of Uncommon (Yet Natural) Miracles
with Leesa Anderson

Leesa will share experiences of a divine and spiritual nature… seeming miracles that have occurred throughout her life as she radically relied on God to direct her way through extreme loss and hardship, staving off bankruptcy as well as directing her as a witness to an accident that resulted in a series of impossible and miraculous outcomes. All was greatly influenced by a very small and simple suggestion from a dear friend that helped build her ‘spiritual muscles’.


Leesa’s life has been a mix of the practical, spiritual and mystical. From a career as the owner of a corporate real estate company for a ski resort, to her lifelong quest to understand the meaning of key spiritual teachings, to two shared death experiences that bookend her years of adulthood, she has many (many) stories to share.

A nudge from ‘Life’ to ‘let the light out’ into the world (along with a great deal of encouragement from ISGO’s Chuck Swedrock), Leesa is coming forward for the first time to offer these amazing and inspiring experiences to anyone whose heart may benefit from hearing them.

While she is not an author or a teacher, life may one day take her down these paths. For today, simply tune in and enjoy a series of remarkable experiences. She’d love to hear your thoughts and offer answers to any questions you may have. With much heart and love, let the stories begin.