Pre-Birth Planning: Did I REALLY Choose All This?


Tough times happen. Is God punishing you? Is Life uncaring and chaotic? Or might there be a rhyme and a reason for the ‘sad and bad’ parts of life that YOU CHOSE for good reasons? Find out in Dr. Pitstick’s ‘Pre-Birth Planning’ session!


Pre-Birth Planning: Did I REALLY Choose All This
Creating the Life You Envision Series with Mark Pitstick, MA, DC


Why do bad things happen? Did God or ‘the devil’ make it happen? Is it karma? Do you have a role in major events that occur during your visit to earth. In this experiential session, you can recall why you may have pre-planned certain possibilities – including sad and difficult ones – during this earthly experience. This technique uses deep relaxation, visualization, and help from your angels, guides, and the Light. You can revisit your soul’s plan to gain more peace, clarity, and empowerment about how to best live here and now. You also can ‘change the script’ based on your more evolved energy and understandings. Join us for this incredibly powerful life changing experience. Learn how to consciously and wisely co-create your life instead of feeling like a helpless and passive victim of fate.

This session is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Do not participate in this session if you feel uncomfortable at any time.  Ask your therapist or physician before using this technique if you are under care for significant depression, anxiety, or any other “mental” symptoms.