Divine Journeys Unveiled


Experience a wide array of diverse spiritual encounters at the ‘Divine Journeys Unveiled’ panel, where three individuals share their unique connections to the divine. Delve into their narratives, exploring higher consciousness and personal awakenings, fostering a collective understanding of the mystical realm.

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Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey as the ‘Divine Journeys Unveiled’ panel unfolds, featuring three distinct individuals sharing their extraordinary spiritual encounters. Each panelist will present their diverse paths and unique connections to the Divine. Delve into the mystical, as they offer glimpses into profound experiences, unraveling the mysteries of higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. The panel promises a wide array of narratives exploring the transcendental, the mystical, and the deeply personal, fostering a collective understanding of the spiritual realm.

About the Presenters:


Alexis Richardson spent most of her upbringing being a seeker and researcher of all things spiritual. On her 16th Birthday she was awakened from her sleep with a loud audible voice which directed her to leave her hometown of New Orleans to begin a more monastic lifestyle.
She embarked on a journey as a celibate from the age of 16-29 while she delved into fasting and prayer for long stretches while studying all branches of religions and esoteric information. Starting traditionally with the Bible….to Edgar Cayce (known as “The Sleeping Prophet”), then on to 100’s of NDE Studies and most recently into Law of Assumption and Mystical Bible studies such as Joseph Murphy And Neville Goddard.
She has begun coaching others in the power of their Human Imaginations and does a weekly Facebook Live on various topics around natural healing and manifestation with her good friend Sara Smiled.



In 2019, Patrice built a dentist directory website and got sued by the French Dentist Corporation. He was facing a $300,000 fine and 3 years in jail. During this time Patrice’s mother had passed away, he was at such a low point that he didn’t want to live anymore. Every night Patrice was hoping not to wake up the next morning. Several weeks after he started a meditation practice to quiet his crippling depression, he entered into the light, then started to see into people’s bodies when they were sick and sometimes Patrice would vomit their disease like in the movie “The Green Mile”.
Patrice will share about how he started to see inside bodies, dreaming of people’s health conditions, barfing diseases which would lead to spontaneous miraculous healings and gifts activations. And how he discovered that many medical professionals know about the energy world, but are afraid to talk about it because or fear they would lose their license.



A spiritual experiencer since she can remember, Valerie is just lately sharing the deeply personal experiences that have shaped her worldview and her dynamic relationship with the Universe. Join her as she explains how these led her to go down the quantum physics rabbit hole and eventually into the field of psychology as a clinician, where she found tremendous validation, and the opportunity to offer it to others. Through this work, she has also found what evidently takes us into, and out of, the states of consciousness most apt to induce our spiritual experiences, without the need for an NDE or drugs.
In private practice since 2006, Valerie Varan, MS, LPC, NCC is a licensed professional counselor and author of the self-help book, Living in a Quantum Reality: Using Quantum Physics and Psychology to Embrace Your Higher Consciousness. She is currently offering coaching to clients worldwide who wish to align with their higher self, and integrate their spiritual experiences into their daily living.
You can follow her on Facebook.