Life Changing Mystical Experiencers Panel


Life changing mystical experiences are profound encounters with a transcendent reality, evoking a sense of unity, divine connection, and expanded awareness. They inspire personal growth, challenge conventional beliefs, and deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness and sacredness of existence. Join 3 panelists as they bravely share their encounters and journeys with divinity!

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Life changing mystical experiences are profound and ineffable encounters with a transcendent reality that go beyond ordinary perception. In these moments, individuals often report a deep sense of unity with the universe, a dissolution of their individual self, and a profound connection to a higher power or divine presence. These experiences can be characterized by feelings of profound peace, bliss, and awe, accompanied by a heightened sense of clarity and insight. They can occur through various means, such as deep meditation, prayer, or spontaneous moments of transcendence. These experiences have a transformative impact on individuals, challenging their preconceived notions of reality and expanding their understanding of the interconnectedness and sacredness of all existence. Mystical experiences inspire seekers to explore the mysteries of consciousness and delve into spiritual practices, leading to personal growth, expanded awareness, and a deepening connection with the divine.


Join our 3 panelists as they share their spiritual journeys with our community!


~Kevin McNamara~


Kevin will speak about the fundamental premise that governs all of Jesus teachings and how that premise is played out in the Parable of the Two Sons. He will demonstrate how each of the two sons have something to teach about the human condition and how the father perfectly models the relationship between forgiveness and unconditional love.

~Dominique Margolis~

Dominique Margolis experienced her first NDE at the age of sixteen while hospitalized in the town of Guéret, France, for a sudden onset of paralysis. What she learned then led to her becoming a foreign student in the USA at the age of twenty. Seven years later, and while residing in San Diego, she experienced her second NDE. Dominique has consequently become keenly aware of the importance of form (language and culture) in shaping both how we express content about near death and spiritually transformative experiences and how we define the boundaries of such experiences. You can read Dominique’s most recent stories, translations, and blog at

~Randy Kolibaba~

In Feb of 2015, Randy was diagnosed with a life-threatening auto-immune disease and given only days to live by four different doctors. After having a Near Death Experience while laying in a Trauma Room of the Intensive Care Unit at the Kelowna General Hospital, not only did he survive his illness, but he has gone on to write about his journey of self-exploration in his second book, “Is this the life you Imagined: What if you were wrong?” a Best Selling book in the Self-Help genre in the area of perseverance and motivation.