From Hell into The Light with Mark Schultheiss


At age 51, Mark Schultheiss, suddenly was given awareness of his NDE at 2-years old in which he was sent to hell and was shown the path to return which provided evidence of a never-ending, unconditional love for all.


From Hell into The Light with Mark Schultheiss

Mark Schultheiss is a retired attorney and marriage and family therapist with a BA in philosophy, an MS in human development and family studies and a JD in law. He is well-versed in logic, scientific method and linear thinking.

Imagine his surprise when at age 51 he remembered a near-death experience he had at the age of two during which he was sent to hell. More surprises followed as he discovered his ability to journey into dark spiritual places.

He believes his experiences with evil can help in understanding why people choose to do evil and why some souls end up lost or in hell when they die. However, his message is one of hope: The Creator never abandons His/Her children and brings all souls out of the darkness and into the Light of unconditional love.