Life-In Choice and Experience


Brett Cole’s life experience includes a parent who suffered profound mental illness. His caretaker’s life was defined in the occult, paranormal, and Judeo-Christian beliefs. His early life included a palm reader who was a grandmother figure to him. His experience as an emergency medical technician assisted him in experiencing the beauty, the sadness, and the finality of the process of death. Brett has experienced shared death experiences with loved ones, patients, and even his wife who passed away in 2021. Brett has experienced his own near-death experience due to major illness.


For those of us, including me, who struggle to make choices, then struggle to make sense of the resulting experiences. Experiences that may include the most profound of them all: a near death or other spiritual experience. I hope this webinar may provide a context for your struggle based on my own struggle and uncover the hidden blessings that reside there. I wish to convey with this work the value of living a full life based on choices made with an engaged mind and spirit. My wish is to leave you with a sense of hope that your world will be a better place because of your learned lessons.

In a nutshell, your human desire to make sense of it all often dominates the true nature of your life’s mission: to learn and put your lessons to good use.