LOVE, The Only Reality


Who is loved by The Beloved? Who do we condemn? Who do we judge? Who in history deserves everyone’s enmity? Who deserves the love? Join Peter on the journey from death in his NDE to unfolding the messages from it over time…


LOVE, The Only Reality
with Rev Peter Panagore, MDiv

Who is in and who is out? Who is loved and who is not? Who belongs and who does not? Who is the judge? Who deserves punishment, or bad karma, for their mortal crimes? Who is beloved by The Beloved?

These questions lost relevance after I (my consciousness, soul, atman, higher self) was shown all humanity living blind and beloved beneath layers of veils from interfacing edge of Heaven and earth, between the Unmanifested and the manifested.

And now see how you too can see things from a higher perspective:
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