A Spiritually Guided Life with Greg Thompson


Greg Thompson’s life has been openly involved with spirit guides and in-depth experiences including a near-death experience, a shared-death experience with his mother, fulfilled precognitive visions of pending deaths, and now involving having a variety of spiritual answers for others.


A Spiritually Guided Life with Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson has lived a life with help from his spirit guides. It all started at a very young age and his awareness of them has grown through his life. Hear the predictions he made from precognitions about upcoming deaths, in some cases to individuals he knew and how they either came true or were prevented.

Greg Thompson NDEs
Surviving and Not Dying are a Contradiction…

He will also share his personal near-death experience from a car accident; a shared-death experience traveling with his mother on her death; and a time when he was spontaneously healed after being on a death watch for five days.

Note: the first few minutes of Greg’s talk were not on the recording.