How I Went From Grief 2 Growth


Brian Smith will share how he went from a fear of death (thanatophobia) to knowing that death is not the end, just a transition. This is an expanded speech Brian gave at the Helping Parents Heal conference, which received rave reviews and a request for him to speak again.

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I had an intense fear of death from an early age. Religion didn’t help. Religious trauma only made it worse. A major event in my life in my early 20s intensified this fear until it was no longer bearable. I set out on a quest. My background in engineering required that I know whether the afterlife was real. Just taking the word of religion wasn’t good enough for me. I decided to start over from scratch and examine everything I could find on death from a scientific point of view, what experiencers could tell me from Near Death Experiences, Mediumship, Afterlife Communications, and more. I integrated all of this information into a coherent, but evolving, view of this life and what we call the next life.

When my daughter passed away in 2015, my life took a sudden turn. I intensified my studies. Four years after her passing, I dedicated my life to sharing what I’ve learned with as many people as possible. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of video, read dozens of books, listened to hundreds of podcasts, and interviewed approximately 200 people for my own podcast. I have distilled much of that information into this presentation. I know that anyone who objectively examines the evidence can only come to one conclusion, our consciousness survives bodily death. A very big piece of this puzzle is the Near-Death Experience. My presentation is intended to give you the assurance I have.

About Brian

I am a Grief Guide, Life Purpose Coach, and Small Business Consultant. My mission is to help people rediscover who they are and why they are here. In those two questions lie the secrets to not only surviving this life but thriving.

If you’re feeling “stuck”, it’s most likely because you have forgotten the answer to one or both of these questions.

My vision is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose and fulfillment. If we know the “why”, we can endure any “how’. I want to remind everyone of their true nature and their reason for being.

In addition to coaching, I create content most of which is shared freely through my blog, podcast, YouTube channel and newsletter. Make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter to keep up with all the latest happenings.

I became well acquainted with grief in 2015 after the sudden passing of my fifteen-year-old daughter Shayna. After Shayna’s passing, I felt my life was over. I had to learn to survive for the sake of my wife, Tywana, and my daughter, Kayla. I have studied the nature of life and death and how to progress through grief of all kinds from a job loss, divorce, illness or the death of a loved one. I speak from experience of all of the above.

I provide a safe space where you can safely share what you are experiencing. I share techniques that I discovered and developed after my devastating loss. Perhaps most importantly, I can help you understand that death is not goodbye and that your relationship with your loved one can continue. Any ending is a new beginning. My understanding is not a religious-based belief, but a position arrived at based on reason and evidence.

Shortly after Shayna transitioned, I discovered Helping Parents Heal, a non-profit peer-to-peer support group for parents of children who have passed. I volunteer with Helping Parents Heal and I am on the Board of Directors. I have worked with hundreds of parents who have lost children. I am also a volunteer and Vice President of the SoulPhone Foundation.

I am the author of “Grief 2 Growth: Planted. Not Buried.” I am the host and creator of the Grief 2 Growth podcast. I am on the Board of Helping Parents Heal. I am the Vice President of The SoulPhone Foundation. I am a Certified Grief Educator and a Mental Fitness Trainer.

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